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I used to be in a job overseeing data entry operators, my job title was "Customer Operations Specialist" but the systems programmer was a whole different department company wide. But in my department we had specially programmed machines that was maintained my an outside vendor.

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Q: Who would directly oversee the work of a data entry operator and a systems programmer?
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Who directly oversee the work of a data-entry operator and a systems programmer?

Data processing director.

What is an analyst programmer?

An analyst programmer is a computer programmer who also works as a systems analyst.

What kind of jobs can you get with an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems?

u can get IT job either as "Computer Operator,Programmer, Network Administrator, Web Designer" in private as well as government departments.

What is a sysop?

systems operator

What is a difference between systems administrator and systems programmer?

Short answer: The Sys.Admin takes care of the network, its security and often domain administration. A Systems Programmer writes code that helps systems (applications) work together or separately within a given industry or genre.

What Are responsible to oversee the general operations of the database system?

database management systems

What are the responsibilities of a computer operator?

A computer operator is responsible for monitoring and controlling hardware systems.

What are 3 computer related jobs?

Systems analyst, programmer, network supervisor.

What is analyst programmer?

A systems analyst is a person whoinvestigatessystems by analysis then corrects or creates a new system. A programmer designs and builds applications.A analyst programmer is capable of bothdoctrines. However in reality this title is really a reward to long serving programmers as a badge of service. Almost all systems analysts can program and most programmers have been trained in systems analysis.

What is the difference between a systems analyst and a programmer?

A system analyst finds out what software and hardware you need to implement a computerised system and an programmer writes the programs for computers.

What human body systems are needed directly to write?

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What is the role of a programmer?

This role is usually very technical. A systems programmer tests both hardware and software systems and finds and resolves problems.Responsibilities of the job include:researching and examining current systems and consulting usersliaising with colleagues such as systems analysts and designerswriting software and operating manualstraining usersproviding support and responding to feedbacktesting and modifying systems to ensure that they operate reliablyfault finding and fixing

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