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Online job is an employment arrangement in which the employee can work from a remote location through internet. Examples of online jobs include web researcher, content writer, data entry operator and virtual assistant.

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Where can a 15-year-old get job?

When You Turn 14 You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station. You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations,power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or warehousing and storage. In addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. When You Turn 16

You can work in any job or occupation that has not been declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. Hazardous Occupations You generally may not work in any of the following hazardous occupations: manufacturing and storing of explosives, driving a motor vehicle and being an outside helper on a motor vehicle; coal mining, logging and sawmilling, power-driven woodworking machines, exposure to radioactive substances, power-driven hoisting apparatus, power-driven metal-forming, punching, and shearing machines, mining, other than coal mining, meat packing or processing (including the use of power-driven meat slicing machines), power-driven bakery machines, power-driven paper-product machines, manufacturing brick, tile, and related products, power-driven circular saws, band saws, and guillotine shears, wrecking, demolition, and shipbreaking operations, roofing operations and all work on or about a roof, or excavation operations. Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules. * It depends on where you live. Most states require that you have a "work permit" to work and can show that you are able to attend school and work. You may be able to get this at the guidance department of your school. It will usually only allow for a few hours during the day and weekends. Call your local court house and ask them what the requirements are. * Having had my own 3 children start jobs while Freshmen in high school, I can say that many factors play a part of the job hunting experience. First, if you live in a rural area, you might try working for individual ranchers, homeowners, etc. (painting interior/exterior houses, fences; handing out flyers for a local small company; babysitting pets while owners are on vacation; make a property store-front on the road with crafts/foods/projects that you've made creative). However, if you're a city person, you might try (the admin. office at a Elementary/Jr.Hi/Hi School office; volunteer for the local Parks and Recreation day-time activities[they may even pay you]; typing for a Dr. or Dentist; pruning/mowing/removing trash from neighbors yard; running grocery errands for seniors; photography for birthdays & special events; etc.) Just remember, regular fast food co's. and discount retail stores are worried about their liability until you're 16, so... the rest is up to you have the desire to work and before you know it, you will have people contacting you. * Babysitting. * Bagging or stocking job at a local grocery store. Many grocers will hire baggers that are 15. * Fast food restaurant, e.g. McDonald's. * If you are able to work and do not want to work at fast food restaurants, try motels, daycare and lawn services in your phone book. * Go to a neighbors house and ask if you can help around the house if you do a good job they will recommend you with friends but be courteous and friendly at all times! :) * A little ice cream place. * I know that a son of a friend of mine, that was your age (15), put an ad in the little nickel paper (weekly ads) expressing his interest in earning monies. He received several responses from the ad. * Try looking at a simple, independent local store rather than a chain. When you turn 16 you will at least have some experience which is good. * A farm. * If you know computers you could try programming or being a Web developer, or you could do data processing. * I got a job in a pub in the kitchen when i was 14, washing up and things. Don't be scared to ask it doesn't get you anywhere! == == * They might be a little too young for a job but they might be able to work at a fast-food restaurant. == == * Mcdonalds == == * You can try the company Chick-fil-a

* You could find a job at the YMCA * Yes, you can. I'm not sure about the variety of jobs you can get, though. One of my friends is only 14 and she works at Starbucks, so there's one possibility. Since most places start hiring at 16, what I would do is just go around mowing lawns, washing cars, or walking dogs etc. for a decent amount of money. If you do it right, that money can add up very quickly. * Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's. Any fast-food restaurants. * And local shops that are run by big companies.

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Is Perfect Money a home based business scam?

Before you join home based online business, it's better you must check out here: scamadviserdotcom, so you know the program is legit or scam.

For example with this program called MMS: After I've check then I've decided to join this program that pay me 100% commissions. If you interesting just contact me : csbennylo@gmaildotcom

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Is 1 dollar PTC site is real or scam?

Generally speaking a one dollar per click site is a scam....I have tried every ptc site there is on the web. A lot of the ptc sites on that link only pay fractions of pennies for clicks.

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Are there legitimate ways to make money online?

There are some free solutions out there that are great. Others aren't. If you can't find a free solution that meets your needs, you might want to look into finding a mentor, or coach. For Blog Tips and advice, how to make money blogging try: Advice on avoiding scams: Online advice from Work at home moms: First, never, ever pay a fee to get a job. Many scams will want you to pay a registration fee, materials fee or information fee.

You will most likely not find a true online data entry job. What you will find are jobs that utilize your data entry skills along with other skills. Jobs like at home customer care representative, transcription, writer, proofreader, editor, blogger, telemarketing from home, mystery shopping, virtual assistant, and freelance projects. A good resource for these types of jobs and other home workers at where a very experienced community can help you be aware of scams. Unfortunately, there is no good way for the average person to make money online. There is no easy money online. Any money made online requires a lot of time and work, you need to have the knowledge and skills. In general, almost all money making sites on the web are scams. Never pay a fee with being promised you will make money online. Under no circumstances should you give any money making site your credit card number. You can sell items at auction sites, like You can sell items at You can start a blog for free, like at and monetize with Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program or there are many third party programs you can join and add ads to your blog. You can sell craft items at at any online craft store, like and there are many others. You can offer to tutor students online. You can write articles and submit to websites, like Associated Content.

You can buy yard sale or thrift store items and resell for profit on or Find stuff around your house to sell also. Money can be made online with affiliate marketing. All you need is a computer, access to the internet and a bit of time to learn how You could become an affiliate or sell content to publishers on the web in the form of articles or e-books. Sign up for survey sites like SurveySavvy. You won't get rich but you could easily make a little money. You will not make a living filling out surveys. I have found numerous questions related to this topic of earning money on the internet. This process of earning money can be fast and also slow but steady. I believe I should start a discussion on this topic, so that it benefits many people in the long run. There are no easy and quick way to make money online. Most advertisement for paid survey, typing at home, typing ads are scams, to take your money. Those are the people making money online, they usually are affiliate links, they make a commission selling this information. If someone wants money to tell you how to make money online, it's a scam. No legitimate company needs money for someone to work online Under no circumstances should you pay companies for a "Get rich quick" scheme..Or anything that promises wealth with a load of HYPE to lure you in. I.e , big house, nice car, holiday on beach, and don't forget the "Thank you so much you've changed my life" messages by supposed customers of the company. Basically the only way you can make money is to start an online business, become an EBay investor where you look for stuff cheap and sell for more, good example being the woman who got a house for 12p. I can't say much more as I'm no expert on this myself, but don't give people money for any "Guaranteed money makers" or "Get rich quick" schemes, as not only could you find yourself out of pocket. You could find yourself in trouble if everything's not above board. There are a considerable number of free and effective strategies available to aid you in how you can earn money online. If like most of us including me,i'm sure you can't afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for marketing firms to bring customers to your website ? While these companies promise their services will bring results, what they do or don't do for you, may or may not prove as effective as doing it yourself. There are literally tons of people online everyday, most of them are looking for information, some of them will purchase something .Therefore that should give you your first clue as to how to earn money online? Blog vendors offer you a variety of templates you can choose from. Most likely you will find among them one that offers the look and feel you're looking for. Blogging became popular and grew up along with the development of the wordpress script. Today, blogging is not just a way to express your ideas but is also the biggest (in terms of numbers) source of income for online entrepreneurs,myself included. Websites that can teach you all the techniques to drive traffic to your sites or affiliate sites and potentially earn huge dollars online. Making $500 a day online is quite normal and you can get started very quickly if you know the right techniques. Web designers, magazines and press need new photos ,images and most importantly good content daily. Often they will look for photo marketplaces and agencies to buy photos that fit their need or article sites or plr agencies to source their content. Website owners can earn money through various ways,and i have searched scores of sites on the net in search of the holy grail .Whilst i can't say i have reached utopia on my search, i can say that i have found some fantastic ways to earn money online along the way.It really is all about research and a little patience thrown in whilst carrying out that research. Rest assured the internet is still a goldmine but you must be a good digger and experienced enough to identify the cash spots to become rich. Ultimately the internet can provide us with the most convenient ways of doing almost anything. We can be sitting at home at the same time we are selling out whicjh i for one love as it beats working for a living . Internet marketing is not as easy as you might think, or as some scam merchants might try and lead you to believe. However, if you have a complete set of strategies, it can be very easy.As the internet has given us opportunities not only for convenience in technology but as a means of earning money online. Ezine-article sites can provide you with all the content you are looking for.As an example you are allowed to post any article from them ( including this one) in its entirety, on your website.However just be sure to include all active links and don't try and pass the article off as your own, as this can have serious copyright infringement consequences for you.You get free content and articles without having to write anything yourself or pay for the content so don't abuse it. Articles, e courses, books, scripts, videos, networking-it's all there and readily available to you on the fantastic tool that is the internet. Advertisers are legitimate businesses who seek to reach the internet audience through Google Adwords . Moreover, Paypal is now recognized as one of the most secure online transaction merchants. Ad placement is one thing but paying people is another thing. While they keep guessing, you can start earning, as Adsense and Adwords are no longer a revolutionary new product and the domain of only the guru's, and those in the know.There are some fantastic courses available to allow you to have access to it as well and promoting it can give you the opportunity to make serious money if you put forth the effort. Advertising ads on blogs is an effective method to make money online and you should know when to put ads on your blog. You should ask yourself before putting ads on your blog when should I put advertising ads on my blog? Ads can be easily customized to display specific products or product categories in non-contextual mode, or highly relevant contextual ads based on your page's content. Payout is as high as 50-80 cents per click so it can be extremely lucrative ,but is mainly determined by the quality and relevancy of the content on your site. Google Adsense is an excellent money making program on the internet and thousands of the websites are generating income with the Google Adsense program. For participating in this program, you need to have a highly professional, unique content rich website. Signup bonuses are realistic, referral bonuses are generous and upgrades are bargain-tastic. My only criticism right now would be the lack of ready-made creatives for members to advertise the site but I'm sure there will be some splash pages coming soon. Sign up for Google's Adsense (which is totally free) and put your Adsense code on your site to share the money made on any of your posts. The ads on the pages with people's codes are shared 50/50 with the person adding the question. Start your business by working evenings and weekends while keeping your present job as long as practicable. This way, if the business does not meet your expectations, you have not incurred debt and will still have a job! Start developing a permanent vested income for the future by starting now PayPal is a globally trusted organization and if you haven't heard of paypal they were founded in 1998. PayPal, is an eBay company,which enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with 86.6 million account members worldwide and growing. Excellent content makes them come back. But whether good or excellent, if the content is submitted in the right web directory for site and articles, visitors will become residents of your site. Excellent customer service will also fully guarantee this. Imagine for a moment a home job that is so easy,that you use only your computer to work and get paid by Paypal everyday.Imagine training that will show you how to have your website on top of the search engines with out paying anything to get you there ! Imagine you are the owner of your own web business online, and each time a customer makes a purchase you automatically earn money, even if you're sound asleep. Isn't is exciting to earn money online ? Well you can earn money online in the next few minutes if you really want to ! Finally imagine what you could do if you really tried ? There are no easy and quick way to make money online. Most advertisement for paid survey, typing at home, typing ads are scams, to take your money. Those are the people making money online, they usually are affiliate links, they make a commission selling this information. If someone wants money to tell you how to make money online, it's a scam. No legitimate company needs money for someone to work online. refer to related questions below for more information NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING - Never give any money for jobs or to join anything. Serious companies that offer online jobs does not ask for money before they hire you. Do not be spend money to buy e-books for titles "get rich quick", "become rich online", "make money at home", "free money" or many other similar topics. You can get all the information you need for free on sites like WAHM and many others. Also, avoid any pyramid schemes and programs which claim if you invest a dollar and you'll get money back; they are scams and don't work. Be realistic, there is no such thing as free or easy money, no one is giving away money, but you can still make some decent amounts online!

MAKE YOUR OWN WEBSITE - If you do join any money making program, incentive or affiliate program, try to make your own website. Advertise your site to get traffic, and keep it as professional to make sure your visitors return. Promote your site for free with the major search engines and directories to get good quality traffic. JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAMS - If you have your own website, you can sign up with some affiliate programs that will provide you with a percentage of the sale or lead that would be generated from your site by means of a uniquely coded text link or banner. AVOIDING SCAMS

RESEARCH THE WEBSITE OWNER - Before you join any program that is offering you any revenue, research the owner well. Check where the site is hosted and if something looks unusual DO NOT join. To check whois details for the owner, put in the domain name (eg, etc, without 'www.') . Also check out forums related to making money online and learn how to earn more. Many sites disappear overnight. Don't be surprised if you invest and join something and the website vanishes off the face of Earth. Always be cautious. If you are really sure that you want to invest money, never invest more then you can afford to lose. It is not recommend that you invest in any kind of online schemes, they are usually illegal. PROTECT YOUR PASSWORDS - Keep your payment passwords safe and never use credit cards for "ID or age verification". There are many unscrupulous people waiting to find ways to get hold of your money. Passwords are considered to be the safest when they contain both letters and numbers. Also remember to change passwords regularly and do not to have a standard password to use for every website. ALWAYS REPORT SCAMS - If you have been scammed, report it. Remember that reporting a scam site will help shut it down, don't let scammers get away with your money. Report to, or the FTC

ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS - Don't mix your personal accounts with money you make off the internet. Open a free Paypal, or E-gold account and always request payment by it. PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER - Use Firefox, install a firewall, antivirus and popup blocker and make sure to update them frequently. Use Google tool bar to block popups. Also make sure to use spyware and adware removers. Malware and other unwanted stuff gets installed on your computer without you knowing after just a few hours of browsing.

READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE - Whenever you decide to use any online service, the first thing you get asked is your email address. This is normally quickly followed by a set of check boxes: 'Yes, Sign me up for your free weekly newsletter!' 'Please include me in your products and services mailing list!' etc. Worst of all, these boxes are of course all checked by default, relying on the fact that many send the form without reading all the small black print and deselecting the Special Offers box-by-box. Beware, always read the small print and never join any mailing lists unless you intend to clean out your mailbox that will be filled with spam. PROTECT YOUR EMAIL AND USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS- Never give your personal email address, open a new one so you don't get your personal mails mixed up with your business ones. Furthermore, should you receive any spam it will be easier to get rid of and your personal email remains clean. Never open or respond any email that appears to be spam since this only confirms it is actually being viewed. Some spam can come with a built-in code that will notify the sender that your address is legitimate if you just open the message and will result in more spam! Also do not post your email address in any public forum or site. There are harvesters which are sent to crawl websites and register anything that includes @, as you can imagine, the addresses registered are then sold off to people who will then fill your mailbox!
If you don't mind working hard, you can create a website or blog. On that site, you can put up Google AdSense ads or affiliate offers. When people find your site and click on those things you can make money. You can also make money by doing some freelance writing on sites like Demand Studios or you can use another site like HubPages, InfoBarrel, Break Studios, Suite 101 and Bright Hub. If you can create iPhone apps, you can make money online doing that. For little bits of money, you can do surveys and such.

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What are legitimate online work-at-home jobs on the Internet?

Yes, there are real work at home jobs on the internet. But the ratio of scams to legitimate work at home jobs is estimated at 42 to 1. That means that you have to go through 42 advertisements and only 1 will be legitimate.

Legitimate work-at-home or home-based jobs are obtained the same way as a traditional job. You apply for job that you are qualified for with the necessary skills and knowledge by filling out an application and submitting a resume to obtain an interview for employment.

Employment scams and Work at home schemesThere are no easy and quick way to make money online. Most advertisements for paid surveys, typing at home, typing ads are scams, to take your money. Claims of making large dollars amounts "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". Those are the people making money online, they usually are affiliate links, they make a commission selling this information. Beware of ads that promise employment results, many misrepresent services, promote outdated or fictitious job offerings, or charge high upfront fees for services that will not lead to a job. Employment services may use such terms as employment agency, personal placement service, executive search firm, or executive counseling service. Be suspicious of any employment service that promises a job, even if they guarantee refunds. Do not give out your credit card or bank account information. A potential legitimate employer will not request your bank account, credit card or Paypal account number. High-paid job opportunities for people who lack significant experience in a particular field, are virtually nonexistent. Legitimate businesses seeking to fill jobs will not ask for money up front; use post office boxes, instead of physical addresses; make promises of employment and guarantees of refunds; or charge fees for giving you a job. If someone wants money to tell you how to make money online, it's a scam. No legitimate company needs money for someone to work online.

Work at home jobs - there are no easy jobs. The top work at home scams are: stuffing envelopes, data entry, reading email, assembly or craft work, medical billing. Offers of high dollars salaries. If it sound to good to be true, then it is. Never pay a fee for an offer of a job. A legitimate job pays you. A legitimate job offer might need a background check - which you would be required to pay.

Most require some experience or the knowledge of acceptable practices.

Blogging - You can blog on the Internet - create your own blog for free at, create a niche blog with good content and you can monetize with Adsense or affiliate sales. Get paid to blog at allows you to receive a percentage of the revenue, which is generated from advertising associated with content that you post..

Virtual Assistants - work involves administrative duties, travel arrangements, transcription, correspondence, and other services that can be done remotely through email and phone for small business owners and executive-level professionals needing personal assistants. You can work as an independent contract or check these websites: and

Writing Articles - You can get paid to write articles - and are sites that pay, and also have various assignments.

Freelance Work = writing for magazines, publications, newsletters, or newspapers. If you have an interest or knowledge in a particular subject - fashion, food, travel, gardening, beauty -many websites will work with freelancers and need writers for reviews on products or new releases. Contact the editors of the publications Review their writers guidelines and submit samples of your writing. Salary is based upon experience. Editors with experience can look for projects on these sites - and .

Home based customer service agents - among the companies to explore: (freelance researchers)

Work from home resources -

Advice from other contributors:

  • I want to tell you that there is no permanent job is available on the internet. But you can still earn online.I shall prefer you not to invest a single penny online.But you should join those programs or sites that are free and require no membership fee.
  • There are hundreds of free earning sites, but it is very difficult to find sustainable and reliable sites that pay you and do go away.
  • Think for a moment that when you are earning online for free, actually it is not free. Because, you are investing, your time, your energy and doing some task for someone and as a result you are rewarded money. So if you invest your precious time for making money but at the end you find it a scam giving the result zero, it disheartens our believe. So when ever you start earning online, confirm that the program you are joining whether it is trust worthy or not.
  • There are all sorts of websites that can help you along. (message board, telecommuting folder), (on the right there are tons of categories with companies that hire workers from home ongoing and daily job leads, (must register but once you do go on the message board in telecommuting folder and there are all sorts of jobs and help),
  • Depends on your definition of "job".....There are many work at home business "opportunities". There are some types of home jobs that you see advertised like, stuffing envelopes, typing, taking surveys, etc...but from what I have heard, these are mostly not very profitable...
  • Some land based companies are now offering positions to employees to work at home.....Just have to look in classifieds for those...

Most are scams, or misleading.

Do your research.

Join forums, avoid Spam offers, and find people that are doing it.

Their are some that are hard to land, but great if you can, like "REAL" 'Secret Shopper' assignments, or data entry.

If you are willing to learn, Internet Marketing is a huge opportunity, but there is a right way, and a wrong way, so try to do a LOT of research before you decide to try it.

top work-at-home jobs that have given home-based employees and contractors the chance to excel at their chosen career, not to mention, earn a decent salary. Read on.

1. Allied health care professionals

Allied health care professionals include those who work in the medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding fields. These professionals may work full-time or as a contractor to health care facilities and outsourcing providers. Top job hunting sites and estimate the income range of allied health care professionals between $30,000 and $80,000.

2. Software Engineers

Software engineers are responsible for maintaining software and systems. The job ranks number two on's list of top 10 work-at-home jobs that pay. Software engineers earn around $1,549 weekly, which totals to a whopping $85,000 annually.

3. Tax Preparers

Tax preparers perform income tax audits for companies and individuals. Tax preparers rank number 9 on's list of work-at-home job that pay well. estimates tax preparers' median weekly income at $1,061 and annual salary at $31,000.

4. Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are in-demand no matter where you are in the world. And they earn $14.64 an hour ($30,460 annually), according to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics data. This income can go higher especially for customer service representatives who are entitled to commissions. The job is great for people who communicate well and are patient. It is also perfect for people who have no problem with multitasking. Customer service offers a wealth of opportunities for workers, with companies including known hotel chains like Hilton and Best Western using work-from-home representatives.

5. Online Tutor/ Teacher

According to Payscale, tutors earn a median annual salary of $32,519 and an hourly rate of between $8 and $39. The job is perfect for teachers who want to work on their own terms and prefer teaching via online collaboration tools (e.g. Skype, Screencast, Glance) or in a prerecorded video session. Like other professionals, tutors nowadays are entitled to receive paid fringe benefits and paid time offs (PTOs) from their employers.

6. Insurance Claims Specialist/Adjuster

Insurance claims adjusters investigate insurance claims in the best interest of insurance providers and clients. Insurance adjusters can work full-time for companies but they can also be self-employed and work from home. They earn pretty well with a median annual income of $48,789, according to

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What sports athlete makes the most money yearly?

baseball player u half a meetball

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Is world christian youth assembly a scam?

I am a computer specialist I have analyzed the WCYA website and I think they are genuine, Unless they are very stupid to give all the information they have given on their website. However, if you think they corned you of money please report to the nearest Australian embassy or report the CEO, Mr. Thomas Gale to the nearest interpol Center and seek warrant for his arrest or you can sue the Australian Embassy in court of law to pay the Damages if they refuse to produce him in any court of law. You can also move to civil court to attach the properties of the Australian Embassy. This is because the officials of this organization is known by the Australian Authorities. They know Mr. Thomas Gale is known and his officers have turned to be frauds-tars.

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What is the salary of a person working in Cafe Coffee Day?

Rs 1500 to Rs 2000

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Who are Home Employment Agency and are they legit?

Before you sign up, you might want to read, online, possible scam reviews of the home employment agency. If you're interested in earning money from home, do not bother with things like scam sites. Look for websites, to check for finding legitimate home jobs, where there is no charge and everything is free.

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What attire is appropriate for filling out applications?

Dressing in a suit is still appropriate for filling out applications. It does not have to be as formal - you'll want to save your navy or charcoal suit for the interview. You can dress down the formality of a suit by wearing a two button navy suit jacket, shirt that is eggshell or chambray blue, and camel or tan pants. You still need to wear a tie with this ensemble, if you're not good at selecting an appropriate tie, enlist the help of a salesperson, the help at men's suits retailers are best at doing this - bring your ensemble and they will select the tie to match. Dress as if you plan to gain an immediate interview. This happens often. So, where something professional, but if you plan to make a day of it, where something comfortable. I prefer to fill them out at home in my skivvies. While this has worked well for me, it's only fair to warn you that this is NOT likely to win points if you do it in an office setting. It always depends on the job itself. If it is a corporate job, then a suit would be in order. But, if it is a job that is in a laid back atmosphere, dress how their employees do. If you were looking for a job at a retail store, for instance, dress similar to them. If you look the part, you are the part. I have found that you need to dress the way you would if you wee an employee of that company, Don't ever say Iwould like to take this home & bring it back. It puts out the wrong vibes like you are being made to come in. I know I am a manager & I think yeah right I will never see them again

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Where do you find legitimate survey research companies?

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Is Infiniteam Enterprise legal?

Infiniteam Enterprises does not have any information regarding the company on the internet.

Beware of a company which is not able to adhere the correct standards.

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Is a legitimate site?

PC fix 2010 yes it's a legitimate software, it's a professional windows registry cleaner compatible with any windows platform.I have been testing the software and i can state that is 100% clean and useful.

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Section 8 Housing

Can you fill out an application online about section 8 rental?


If you are interested in applying for public housing, contact your local HA. If you have trouble contacting the HA, contact the local HUD Field Office. HOW DOES THE APPLICATION PROCESS WORK?

The application must be written. Either you or the HA representative will fill it out. An HA usually needs to collect the following information to determine eligibility: (1) Names of all persons who would be living in the unit, their sex, date of birth, and relationship to the family head; MY TWO KIDS THAT ARE TWO FEMALES ,(3YR -08-12-04) ,AND (2YR 01-24-06) (2) Your present address and telephone number; 2760 TROTTERS LANE 770-369-6795 (3) Family characteristics (e.g., veteran) or circumstances (e.g., living in substandard housing) that might qualify the family for tenant selection preferences; STANDARD LIVING (4) Names and addresses of your current and previous landlords for information about your family's suitability as a tenant; I LIVE WITH MY FATHER AND I PAY HIM $200 A MTH (5) An estimate of your family's anticipated income for the next twelve months and the sources of that income; I WORK AT HOME DEPOT AND BRING HOME ABOUT 400-600 EVERY TWO WEEKS (6) The names and addresses of employers, banks, and any other information the HA would need to verify your income and deductions, and to verify the family composition; and HOME DEPOT 2150 W.SPRING ST.. MONROE,GA (7) The PHA also may visit you in your home to interview you and your family members to see how you manage the upkeep of you current home. OK After obtaining this information, the HA representative should describe the public housing program and its requirements, and answer any questions you might have.

To your local HUD Office/ Housing Authority Office. If those fail, go to your local City Hall .

To get an section 8 application you need to go to your local housing authority and ask them when they are accepting applications. Also with them you may be able to receive public housing. I do know that certain areas only take applications once a year. Good Luck!! You will need to apply at your local HUD office. There is also probably a waiting list for housing.

I have section 8 myself. You Cannot apply online. You must contact your local housing dept. For example: Call in formation 411 and ask for your towns housing authority.:, ex;Lowell Housing Authority, if your town doesnt have one, ask for the surrounding towns housing authority phone number No after the revisions past in October it has to be filed with a lawyer

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What are opinions of Elink Financial Marketing Solutions LLC?

I have signed on with Elink five months ago. I was very scared as I have been scammed before. I have to say unlike the company that scammed me before, they answer their phone everytime I call. I also have had two loans close through my site, and received checks for both. It was a slow start at first, but I called and voiced my concern with them, they offered suggestions and next thing I know I finally saw some results. Thank you for making me a believer that there are real work at home opportunities out there!

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How do you answer 'Why are you interested in this company' on a job application?

I want to be a part of your company co'z I know your company has a high quality in product and have a quality management so that your company was successful.

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Is Paid Surveys Etc. for Real Has anyone tried it?

I did, I got paid when I completed surveys at, its totally legit.

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What does an employer want to hear if they ask what you consider to be most important when working with customers?

I believe providing a "quality customer service" is the most important factor, that an employee should consider when working with customers. There is business because there are customers. Employees are the representatives of the company. If employees will serve the customers right, they are building good relationships to the company's customers. If they did not serve the customers well, they are pushing away the customers.

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How far back should a person go when listing your job history?

This is really an individual decision, but generally no more than 10 years in detail. Basically, when designing a resume, you are trying to market yourself to best effect. This means the only rule is: include what makes you look attractive, exclude what doesn't. Of course that sometimes a challenge to figure out, but that's really the key. Louise Fletcher President and CPRW Blue Sky Resumes

depends on what type of job you are looking for. If you have rocky history and the job requires it, give it. eg. If you're a robber and the co. wants one, just tell them how good u have been. Just get the job whatever be the cost.

Additionally, one can avoid the "history" type of resume by instead grouping one's skills. For example,

Compensation Management

* created a new structure for sales incentive programs

a. This involved major changes in the XYZ corporation and the Smith corporation.

* Cut costs and spending

a. Reduced costs by using different vendors at the XYZ corporation...

Answer: Your resume must make the first impression before you get to walk in the door. A recruiter once told me don't bother going back past 15 years. List your skills on your resume and back up with accomplishments. Have you created anything, done anything really signifucant that stood out to your boss? Basically be confident and tell your story on your resume. An excellent book is the Knock Em Dead series. Check it out st the library or buy, you will not regret it. My nephew landed his job reading something over the phone directly from the book and it helped me get two different jobs.

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Where can a 12-year-old get a job?

Hey I would like to wok

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Is MLM- Multi-Level Marketing related to illegal pyramid schemes?

It's too bad someone posed as something other than what they were really selling/doing; however, it's harshly erroneous to equate all MLM companies with illegal pyramid schemes. Au contraire. Network marketing (often called "multi-level marketing") is quite legal, and in many cases, the companies have legitimate, high-quality products -- and business models -- that make a difference in the lives of consumers as well distributors.

See what says about the difference between network marketing and "schemes." I will post the article link separately. Thanks.

The previous poster copied and pasted an advertisement for his MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme and tried to pass it off as a business. It is not. MLM is a sales game where one person pays other people to let him or her attempt to get others to pay him or her for the same right. It is not a business. It is a scheme (hence the usage of scheme a few sentences ago). I removed the original post because real entrepreneurs would love to see MLMs disappear completely. Real entrepreneurs create value in the marketplace. MLM participants basically move money from person to person. The few people who start their own MLMs would be better off coming up with creative ways to add value to society instead of spending their time coming up with new words to explain MLMs (matrix, reverse flow, downward arrow, but NOT pyramid...because we all know pyramid schemes are illegal [as are the others, but people think they're not because they're called something different...a crook by any other name is still a crook!]).

In addition to everything that has been said: MLM and pyramid schemes are completely different things. Whereas MLM companies rely on continuous product movement (sales) to earn money, pyramid schemes rely on recruiting people to earn money. It easily follows that a good MLM company has great products people will buy again and again.

MLM is simply similar in structure to pyramid schemes, but they are two entirely different things. Pyramid schemes scam people out of their money; MLM companies give people a new, great opportunity to make money the honest way.

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Is work at home position placement a scam?

I found a review for them. Some have success, some dont. It works, but not for everyone.

You should always do research on these companies.

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Is stuffing envelopes at home job legitimate?

According to the FTC

$550 to $3,000 weekly. Ten dollars for each circular you mail...Free Postage...Free Circulars...No Newspaper Ads...No Magazine Ads...No Bulletin Board Ads! Paychecks mailed to you every week! Advance paycheck forms included in your package!! Sound familiar? Of course. Ads for envelope-stuffing "opportunities" seem to be everywhere - from your mailbox to your newspaper to your e-mail inbox. Promoters usually advertise that, for a "small" fee, they will tell you how to earn big money stuffing envelopes at home. They claim that they'll pay you a certain amount of money for each envelope stuffed, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars for you each week. These ads may seem appealing, especially if you are looking for a home-based business. But according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, ads like these don't tell the whole story because the promoters aren't really offering a job. Instead, say FTC attorneys, after you send your money, you're likely to get a letter telling you to place the same "envelope-stuffing" ad in newspapers or magazines, or to send the ad to friends and relatives. The only way you'll earn money is if people respond to your ad; in fact, the government says, the promoters themselves rarely pay anyone.

If you're tempted by an envelope stuffing "opportunity," here are some questions to ask the promoters before you send any money or sign up to receive more information: * Who will pay me? * When will I get my first paycheck? * Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission? * What tasks will I have to perform? * What is the total cost of the envelope-stuffing program, including supplies, equipment, and membership fees? What will I get for my money? The answers to these questions may help you determine whether an envelope-stuffing opportunity is appropriate for your circumstances and whether it's legitimate. It also may help to check out the company with your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General, and the Better Business Bureau in the community where the company is located as well as the community where you live. These organizations can tell you whether they have received complaints about the promotion that interests you. The absence of complaints doesn't necessarily mean the promotion is legitimate. Unscrupulous promoters may settle complaints, change their names, or move to avoid detection. If you have spent money and time on a work-at-home program and now believe the program may not be legitimate, contact the company and ask for a refund. Let company representatives know that you plan to notify officials about your experience. If you can't resolve the dispute with the company, file a complaint with the following organizations: * The Federal Trade Commission works for the consumer to prevent fraud and deception. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or log on to Work At Home and Home Based Business Scams * Not since they invented the automatic envelope stuffer. It's called an "inserter" or an "inserting machine." A production-grade inserter will produce 8000 filled envelopes per hour. It's cheaper to hire one person to load pockets on inserters than it is to hire people to stuff envelopes, and the machine does a better job. == == * Yes, there is such a thing. But you are right to be very suspicious. Many of the ads you see for envelope-stuffing are scams. They charge you to receive the information to get started. With some of them, the job is a pyramid scheme where the letters you send out advertise envelope stuffing jobs. You make money in the same way the person you sent money to makes money. * Envelope stuffing is not legit! If you sign up for the company they will then send you information on how to run your own ad about envelope stuffing and scam other people into sending money to you. == == * Yes it is for real, but usually the pay is poor. Sometimes people volunteer to do this job and it really depends on the place that needs envelope stuffer's. Be careful! If the pay sounds too good in the ad then it usually isn't. If you enjoy working from home then try taking some on-line courses in the medical field (research the good programs before signing up) and you could work from home. I have done this often. I've worked for doctors of all sorts (in office) and there was a time I decided to stay home, but do the work from my own computer. == == * It's pretty much a scam, they mostly want you to recruit others to sign up for the same opportunity. * As with most envelope stuffing scams (yes, I will call them scams) you are required to gather the customers that send you envelopes to stuff. In other words, if you don't advertise, you don't stuff envelopes. Basically someone is double dipping their profit margin and you become that margin that makes them extra money aside from the product. My serious advise, stay away from envelope stuffing and go back to school. * It's a scam. The stuffing envelopes scam has been around for over 50 years and it's fake. Don't fall for it. * This is usually a scam or a very hard way to make any money. They will send you some advertising. You are supposed to put your name on it. Then you stuff the envelopes & mail them. If a customer orders an item you get a commission. Some companies don't pay you. Other times, the ad will have a phone number to call to order it, you don't get paid for those orders. Some products are over priced or it's stuff no one wants. It could be ads for insurance and most people throw that mail away without looking at it. It's probably not a good idea to get involved with those companies.

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What companies hire for work at home call center or home based agent jobs?

At home customer service agent jobs are available, but you have to have the skills, and experience to be considered to be hired. They also require that you have a work area free from all noise, IE kids, dogs barking, traffic etc

Wahm forum, and Ratracerebellion has listing of customer service companies

refer to links below for job listings

Depending on what area you are experienced and skilled in, there are legitimate jobs available for telecommuting. Many legitimate companies are hard to find with basic searching on the internet, which often just gives you a bunch of scams. You have to dig deep and do in depth research. Using sites such as and can aid you in locating those hard to find job opportunities. I have found several positions to apply for using both of these sites.

Once you have located your job prospects you just apply and wait to be contacted. It has been my experience that employers will only contact you once they decide they want to interview you for a position. So you may not hear back from many that you apply for. Locating and applying for good job opportunities is an ongoing process that you have to commit yourself to.

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau when researching a company . They can be very helpful. They will give you a report on any that lets you know if that company has been reported for any fraudulent activity. Just be wary of any job that wants a fee, seems to good to be true, or does not provide information on exactly what the job is. Good companies will typically have a detailed job description on their website and many will have a q and a section.

Work at home Customer Service Companies: (freelance researchers)

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What are the trust typing job sites with no investment?

check it out below link. hope you will find what you want. thanks ...


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