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If you are speaking of All Hallows eve (halloween) they would put candles in their window.


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They would go "headhunting." This included going across the countryside picking turnip heads which symbolized all the wisdom and spirit inside a normal head. They would then nail this to their door to ward away spirits.

No they liked Christmas in July homes

they lived in homes made of hay & straw, the ground was soil & they didnt have anything eletric.

Halloween actually started out as Samhain, a ceremony celebrated among Celts and their ancestors. It also marked the end of the winter solstice as well as a prosperous harvest. According to the tradition, this was the one night a year when spirits were free to walk the earth. Origin suggests that the Celtic families would hide in their homes in fear of these spirits or coming into contact with them.

they go into their homes and have a bath. in the evening they watch africas got talent and laugh at the buffalo

I have experienced things in my homes and others, that could not have been anything but spirits. Things get thrown, knocked over or turned on. I believe it is our loved ones letting us know they are around and watching us.

No. The only reason a spirit would inhabit a house would be if they had a link to that place, or if they were invited/allowed into the house by previous owners. If you have problems with every house you live in becoming a manifestation for spirits, then either you have horrible taste in homes, or you are the link, not the dwelling.

Blessing our homes, offices, etc. to banish negative energies, spirits, etc. Certain crystals hold protective energies so we wear them. Protection spells can also be cast. All of which I have done in the past for family, friends, clients, etc.

There is a Hungry Ghost Festival is a Buddhist and Taoist festival. It is held on the full moon of the seventh month. The spirits are those people who died and were not honored by their descendants. People burn paper copies of homes, cars, and televisions. Samples of food are placed on offering tables. Lotus shaped lanterns are floated on rivers to guide the spirits back to the afterlife.

If you are speaking about traditional Indians - everywhere. Our lives are guided by God and the spirits and the earth is our church. If you are speaking about Christian Indians, then, generally, it would be in their churches, homes, schools, etc.

Halloween started in America when immigrants came from Ireland and Scotland, bringing their customs and traditions to the United States, though the meaning of Halloween is not the same in the U.S. as it is in those countries.And some more history on Halloween:Halloween started several thousand years ago with the Ancient Celts (a group of pre-Christian mystics who worshipped nature). They considered October 31st the end of the year and they threw a big party which was known as Samhain. It was a celebration of the autumn harvest and the Celtic new year, when they believed spirits could come back and visit with living relatives.Celts put out food and drink for the dead and left their windows, doors, and gates unlocked to give the spirits free passage into their homes. Some people believed if you left "treats" on the front porch for the spirits and ghosts, this would make them happy and they would not hurt you.Later, as Christianity spread, November 1st became a religious holiday known as All Saints' Day. The prayer that was said on this day was called Allhallowmas. The night before became known as All Hakkiwe'en, or Halloween.

Most gargoyles can be found as a spout that terminates in a grotesquely carved figure of a person or animal. It is possible that they were intended to frighten away evils spirits from homes or places or worship.

One major benefit of growing plants is a food source along with the oxygen some plant produce. Also there are flowers that can beautify our homes and brighten our spirits.

Gnomes typically build their homes under trees. They use the help of moles to dig out the foundation. -- Gnomes are spirits of the Earth element, therefore it stands to reason that they would live underground or on the ground.

The spread of mass transit from the city to the suburbs.People rode streetcars to the city to work, shop, and be entertained, and returned to their homes in the suburbs in the evening.

New construction homes are the easiest to sell on the market due to the fact that they have no past history of violence within their walls and therefore are less likely to house evil spirits.

It is a skill that is practiced by Japanese; sometimes done in leisure time; or done to make Japanese homes look nicer; or sometimes to appreciate their religion and\or spirits that inhabit forces of nature (animism)

Modular homes are not manufactured homes or mobile homes. All manufactured homes have a non-removable steel chassis.

Most good spirits or spirit guides do not frighten people, they protect them or just sit with them. Some ghosts such as a poltergeists and demons, are frightening to people, as poltergeists have the ability to pick things up and throw things around, and demons make awful noises. Bad spirits normally force people out of their homes or the haunted locations are exorcised by a professional.

There are two main types of modular homes. These are classified as mobile homes and manufactured homes.

it affect the yanomami because they will loose their homes less food because animals will have to move else where less weapons to catch food yanomami's beliefs will be ruined because there is spirits in trees and all sorts for them!

It's a company that builds homes, generally family homes

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