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Jackie Chan obviously

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Q: Who would win a fight Van Damme or Jackie Chan?
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Who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan.

Who would win in a fight between Bradley James Allan and Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan would win.

If Bruce Lee Jet Li Jackie Chan and Keanu Reeves were to get into a street fight who would win?

Jackie Chan would win

Who would win in a fist fight Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan?

chuck Norris even Jackie Chan cant beat him

Who would win in a fight Jackie Chan Sammo Hung Chuck Norris Jet Li and Tony Jaa?

Jackie Chan would win, of course!

Does Jackie Chan fight?


Who would win a fight between Jackie Chan and Jet Li?

jacki Chan would win, and he's heaps funnier

Will Jackie Chan teach kids to fight?


Where can you watch Jackie Chan fighting really?

You can't because Jackie Chan does not fight competitively, only in the movies.

Who would win in a fight Santa Claus or Jackie Chan?

Santa Claus would win he has elves for backup.

What would happen if Jackie Chan Jet Li and Bruce Lee got in a fight?

They would make Taco...

Where did Jackie Chan learn to fight?

Jackie Chan learned martial arts from his Dad, at Opera School and later through other training.