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Even though I like Tai better than Marcus, I'm not going to be a fanboy and say Tai wins like most people do. When you think about it logically Tai's Agumon can only digivovle up to it's mega level, which is WarGreymon. Marcus' Agumon can digivolve into it's mega level, ShineGreymon, as well; but Marcus' Agumon doesn't stop at it's mega level. Marcus' digivice lets him activate his ShineGreymon's Burst Mode, which lets him increase ShineGreymon's strength by twice as much and achieve power greater than mega level and become ShineGreymon Burst Mode. So by achieving strength greater than mega level, ShineGreymon Burst Mode would beat Tai's WarGreymon.

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Q: Who would win in a fight Marcus' agumon or tai's?
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