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Actually im not sure about this but in the spiderman what if comic where Mary Jane gt shot instead of aunt may it shows peter just simply destroying the armour by finding a fault in the suit it totally fell apart and one punch and tony was out that was it so i think spiderman would win but im not sure because i don't read Iron Man comics and don't know about the extremis armour

I think spider man. He could probably bust up the armor. When theres theres no Iron left all ya got is a man.
They fight in the civil war and it went either way. there pretty equal

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Spiderman vs ironman?

Ironman would certainly win this but as Tony looks to Peter as a son I don't think tony would go all out on this fight.

Who would win Spider-Man and ironman vs Captain America and thor?

spiderman and ironman

Who would win a fight between Ironman and Bumblebee?


Who would win in a fight ironman or batman?

Statistically Ironman would would win because all of his weapons, but in my opinion Batman would win cause he's Batman. ironman would win even though i think batman would.

Who would win in a fight ironman or samus?

iron man

Who will win spider man or wolverine?

who would win spiderman or wolverine .... in a Street fight Wolverine would win but spiderman is stronger faster and has spider sense's, spiderman being smarter

Who would win Ironman or Spider-Man?

Ironman because Ironman has four supports inside of his suit, health support, melee support, weaponry support, and thruster support.Now when Ironman switches to weaponry support he ca have rapid fire on his repolsurs now if Ironman fought Spiderman Ironman kept shooting his repolsurs at Spiderman Ironman is bound to hit to hit Spiderman because Ironmans repolsurs are pure light and light can go 983,571,056 feet per second and repolsurs hurt alot and if repolsurs hit a soldier with bullet prof vest it would still kill him and Spiderman is just a guy in a cloth suit so Ironman.Spiderman is NOT just some guy in a cloth suit. Spiderman's tactics would be incapacitate Stark using massive amounts of webbing. Hack and disable the artificial Spider sense Stark created, and then it would be a fair fight. Parker cannot match Stark in a face to face battle. This was proven in their fight in the Civil War story line. The only way Spiderman will be victorious is if he is able to set the odds of winning in his favor long before the fight.

Is Spiderman stronger than Rapunzel?

Yes. Spiderman is smarter than her too. Spiderman has webs. Spiderman would win Rapunzel in a fight.

Who would win in a fight superman vs thor hulk and ironman?

the 3

Who would win in a fight Spock or Spider-Man?


Who would win ironman versus Megaman?


Who would win in a fight Spider-Man or Superman?

spiderman would win by far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!listen guy I like spiderman better than all the other superheros, but face the facts superman can obviously handle spidey.spiderman

Who would win a fight kratos or Spider-Man?

Spiderman: he is the hero and therefor must win on some level.

Who would win sonic or ironman?

Sonic would win in a race but Ironman would win in a fight to the death.

Who would win a fight between Hancock and ironman?

It would be an epic battle, since they can both fly mainly, but in the end, I see Ironman winning because of his suit powers and overall invincibility.

Who would win in a fight Spider-Man or daredevil?

Spiderman would win the fish because daredevil would get webbed and well i dont know

Who would win in a fight of Hulk and Spider man?

How would spiderman possibly win against an enormous, green monster that is virtually indistructible. THE HULK!

Who would win in a team fight batman and superman or the hulk and spider-man?

hulk and spiderman

Who will win in a fight Spider-Man or superman?


Who would win leatherface chucky ironman kulk or candyman?

Out of all of them it would probably come down to a show off between Leatherface and Ironman. And as much as I adore Leatherface, I would have to say that Ironman would probably win.

Who would win Ironman or Hulk?


Who would win a fight Spiderman or Dead Pool?

Dead pool because he would shoot Spider-Man dead in the head

Who would win Ironman or Wolverine?

Iron Man

Who would win in a fight Hulk or Ironman?

Hulk just because of his awesome sheer brute strength, and durability and because hulk is made of mucle and iron man isnt.If Ironman and Hulk were fighting, the Hulk would win. Hulk is much stronger than Iron Man.

Who would win Iron Man or Gambit?

With gambits powers not being the most powerful it's my opinion that ironman would win, from a very long distance ironman could take him out. the only exception to this would be if gambit were to catch ironman without his suit on but the likely hood of gamit managing this is slim. i am a fan of both toons but it is ironman who would win this battle overall.