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Assuming that they fought (the two have no common ecological habitats), either could win.

The bear is much heavier and stronger, and has sharp, deadly claws. However, the lion is more agile and a large lion could possibly kill a bear if it inflicted injury to the bear's neck. There are instances of a wolf pack killing a bear in this way.

There are records of Siberian tigers, a cat somewhat larger than lions, killing brown bears.

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the bear would win because the bear is bigger stronger and has huge claws and a couger cant take that the winner is the grizzly bear noah davis wrote this

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It would be the grizzly bear as a better equiped in strength and body. Grizzly bears have thick skin and bulk that can protect from an eagle slash from the talons.

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The mountain lion will win.

Because the bear is only big but all big cats can very good fighting.mountain lion is very faster and has enough power.

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Q: Who would win in a fight a grizzly bear or a couger?
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Which would win a fight a mountain lion or a grizzly bear?

The grizzly bear would probably win

Who would win a fight a giant black bear or a grizzly bear?

The grizzly bear would still win the fight because it has a larger size and stronger claws and teeth.

Who would win a fight a grizzly bear or two black bears?

The two black bears would win the fight because they together weigh as much as a grizzly bear, and have bad aggressions. The grizzly bear would injure the two black bears after the two black bears killed the grizzly bear.

When they meet who wins the fight between a polar bear and a grizzly bear?

a polar bear will most likely win in a fight against a grizzly bear

Who would win a fight a grizzly bear or a crocodile?

The grizzly bear would maul the crocodile on land if the crocodile tried to attack the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears have strengths to kill a crocodile, no matter what species. In water, the crocodile may win.

Would a polar bear win or a grizzly bear win in a fight?

The Polar bear. It is larger, much more carnivorous, more beastly, and stronger than a grizzly bear or a kodiak bear.

Who would win in a fight a grizzly or a golden eagle?

the grizzly would tear the golden eagle to shreds because the grizzly would get the birds foot and kill him winner grizzly bear

Who would win in a fight a grizzly bear or black bear leave in the comments?

it would be a grizzly bear I just say that because of the size the strength and their claws a black bear is smaller and weaker and has a smaller jaw

Who would win a fight 2 black bears a grizzly bear and a polar bear?

It's likely that the polar bear might win the fight. 2 black bears would first go for the grizzly bear and work together to swat that thing to death, but a grizzly bear would also fight back. If the grizzly bear did this, it might have a chance to win, but it could get seriously hurt. Then, the polar bear could kill the injure grizzly bear by biting that thing on the throat.

Who would win a fight if 3 lions and grizzly bear fought?

The grizzly bear may win, but it would be injured. On the other hand, the lions may win, but would get themselves injured.

If a puma and grizzly bear fought who would win?

It depends on the scenario and the incident of the fight. A grizzly bear has sharp enough claws to pierce into the bull's head and swat that thing to death. If the bull charges and gores the grizzly bear with those horns, it would win the fight against the grizzly bear.Answer 2:A grizzly would not dare take on a big bull in a natural environment. And a bull, like all prey animals, would rather run the other way than take on a great bear like a grizzly. But if a fight should occur, a bull, if he has horns, would gore the bear in the ribs, or if he's not horned, would crush the bear's ribs with his head to the point that the bear may die soon after. The bear will try to claw at the bull with his long claws and bite at the throat, but the dewlap on the bull, not to mention the bull's thick, muscular neck, would protect him from serious injury. Thus, a bull would win.

Who would win in a fight a bear or a cougar?

Black bears dominate over cougars. A grizzly bear would destroy a cougar.