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King Kong

Who would win in a fight between King Kong and a V-rex?

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king kong, the flash could never damage king kong

KING KONG!! Just smash it off the cliff!!King Kong will win by smashing it off the cliff of the mountains, but wolly-mammoth can have a chance to win by ramming into king Kong.

King Kong is stronger but Shazam is faster and smarter. King Kong.

usa king kong would win and the japanes king kong would win defantly

Woolly rhinos are quite dangerous for their size, thick muscles, weight, and giant horns. If king Kong and woolly rhino was fighting, woolly rhino will definitely win the fight. But if it fell off the cliff, king kong is the winner.

answer 1 if the japanes king kong was fighting the 167 foot usa king kong he could shock him with his lightning and then punch him with his lightnig and win answer 2 if usa kong was in his 167 foot tall form he could brake japanes king kong's jaw

Chuck Norris with a relative ease... of roundhouse kicking him

Ben ten :) Hell no king kong could just sit on him

My answer is King Kong, because he has 2 ways to win. 1:He could rip the dinosaur's jaw too far and snap it...or, 2. King kong would lift his rival off the ground, then slam it, causing a fatal blow.

By general consensus, King Kong would win in a fight between him and T-Rex, according to the various answers below made by various users:King Kong would because he has hands to grab on the T-Rex and snap it's neck.Ah, Tyrannosaurus ain't stupid enough to fight Kong. He would prefer easier prey.King Kong. He's done it in three movies.Probably King Kong will defeat the T-Rex by slamming it to the ground and breaking its giant jaws up. T-Rex cannot do anything with its arms because they are so small. It can only kill with its body weight, legs, and strong jaws with sharp teeth.King Kong will win because he is taller, smarter, stronger, and a better fighter.

Hulk. He has continentbusting feats.

Donkey Kong is a gorilla with herculean strength, while King Dedede is a penguin... So Donkey Kong can just smack King Dedede with his punch.

Superman all the way. Superman would pick up a crevice rock and fly up to space and throw it at King Kong while he is at space. King Kong would beat him up but Superman would burn King Kong's arm and fly him and scrape him on the ground and beat him up. Superman would fly him to space and then back and kill Kong with one punch. Superman wins.

King Kong would definitely lose because Spidey is the best, am i right fellas!!, and the hulk would just get angrier and angrier until he could throw King Kong to kingdom come. There King Kong sucks and the film should have never been made

King kong.AnswerI completely disagree with above answer. A single logical thing is that how can the King Kong which was not able to defend himself against 20th Century Aircrafts, Could win from the 21st century Iron man who is embedded with technologies like high power lasers and supersonic speed? King Kong is not so agile to get Iron Man before It happens Iron Man would Demolish King Kong.

In the King Kong vs. Godzilla movie, yes he did. But now, he would lose. Godzilla is like 30,000 times bigger than King Kong, he has atomic breath, and he doesn't die for any blonde girls like king kong.

answer 1 king kong + bumblebee = king kong answer 2 bumblebee + king kong = bumblebee

King Kong is a giant ape and Frankenstein is a monster that is the size of a man. King Kong would tear Frankenstein apart. So King Kong would win.

Godzilla, if they actually did fight i mean there both made up

King Kong would win, because King Kong would sit on Godzilla.

King Kong is an ape. Godzilla is a Dinosaur.

king kong will win because king kong is like huge and strong but bigfoot is not that strong like king kong

king kong bcause he would threw a different kind of white web at himAre you crazy? King Kong will rip his puny body apart!!! spider man because he is super smart an can lift king kong up.

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