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Although it's got to do with how well-trained the Armies are in either culture, it's the faith you have in what you're fighting for that brings the winner out on top with a do or die attitude. This question can never be answered.

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Who are ninjas arch enemies?

The Samurai

Did ninjas use bows?

no. ancient Japanese martial artists or "ninjas" used their own skills or would fight with what is called a bokken a large stick...or sharp discs and samurai swords

Were there ninjas and samurai in Mongolia?

No, both Samurai and Ninja were exclusive to Japan

How are ninjas and Samurai different from each other?

ninjas rely on stealth while samurai fight in the open and will vomit suicide if they are dishonored

Where ninjas religious?

Yes, ninjas and samurai both followed the zen Buddhism or Christianity

What do Samurai Warriors look like?


What is the culture region for Japan?

samurai ninjas

Who would win ninjas or Samurais?


Who would win Ninjas or Samurai?

i would have to say samurai because ninjas have small sword and samurai have big ones this man is wrong ninjas are stelthy and whicked by the way its not the size its how you use it Im sorry but the samurai would win. Someone simulated which was the most formidable warrior of all time and it was the samurai! Samurai would so win! i would have to agree with the second person. i mean samuai are cool but ninjas use their heads. meaning they would out smart a samurai. ninja girl out:)

When did a samurai end training?

the samurai end trianing when the war would start between the samurai vs the ninjas

Would one Samurai clan ever hire Ninjas to use against another Samurai clan?

Why yes, A samurai would follow the art of Bushido, and certain tasks can not be accomplished by them as it would be dis-honorable and against it's conduct. Ninja could be hired for Assassinating, spying, sabotage and a handful of other tasks. They were hired by the Daimyo or the clan or the Shogun. I hope I have helped!

Is ninjas Japanese or Chinese?


What is a ninja and who does he serve?

Ninjas were Japanese assassins, secret agents, and spies during the times of the Samurai. They served the Daimyo (feudal lord) of their region or village.

If japan is samurai and china is ninja then what is Korea?

Japan is samurai China is kung fu and ninjas . Korea is taekwondo.

What is the origin of ninjas?

Ninjas were originally farmers that were treated unfairly by the Samurai, and war lords. They were not as well train as the Samurai and in a fair fight the farmers would lose, so they did they wait til the Samurai had his back turned to strike.

Do ninjas have to be Asian?

Ninjas were Japanese assassins and yes of course.

Are nijas Chinese or Japanese?

ninjas are Japanese

Who is the warriors of feudal Japan who were know for their cunning?

Samurai/ Ninjas

Are ninjas assassins?

no, ninjas were farmer people in japan who were tired of the oppression of the samurai, so they trained themselves to fight.

Do ninjas use samurais?

If you mean samurai swords, then yes. If you mean actually hiring samurai, then no. Some ninja were former samurai however.

What are better ninja or Samurai?

deadliest warrior is the ninja! ninjas killed samurais easily

Why did Japan need ninjas?

They wanted to find info so they used ninjas as spies actually. ninjas where rebbelling peasants who killed samurai. later on they became assasins

Are ninjas Japanese?

That is where ninjas originated. But they are actually known as Ninjanese. Some people think that Ninjas are Chinese or Japanese, but that is not the correct orrigination. Ninjanese is in fact the correct one.

Are there any modern day samurai?

Yes there are they're called ninjas

Did ninja work with samurais?

no, ninjas and samurai were enemies.

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