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sauske the sharingon is way better than the byakugon at performing ocular jutsu .

but the sharingon doesn't work on the byakugon, and Neji can stop the chakra network before he can even cast a jutsu. it would be a great fight and maybe a tie

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Q: Who would win out of Neji and Sasuke?
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Is Sasuke cuter than Neji?

in my opinion NEJI!!!! but if it were in real life sasuke neji would look strange but not ugly

Who would win in a fight neji or Sasuke?

to tell the truth that would be a good fight. in close range it would come down to who had the better strategy to countering one anothers attacks in close range (how would neji dodge Sasuke's chidora and sharigan and how would sasuke dodge neji's byakugan and sixty four palm chakara) But in long range their evenly macthed because of sasuke fire ability and neji's defenseive capabikties. But my pick is sasuke because he trained with Orichimaru

Do Sasuke and Neji ever fight?

I think not because Its been a while that Saskue and Neji either way they say neji will win by Michael Gallien

Who would win in a fight 1st Hokage or Sasuke?

sasuke would win

Who would win Shino or Neji?

In the past Neji had trouble fighting fighting Kidomaru also a range fighter, but Kidomaru had brute force attacking range jutsu's which almost got Neji killed. Luckily Neji thought 1 step ahead and manage to win.Clearly Shino is extremely intelligent, therefore Neji would clearly need more than wit to win against Shino. Since Shino and Neji are both expert tracking Ninja's, they would obviously read each others movements and cancel each other out.Neji would never be in range of his 8 trigrams 64 palms, and Shino just doesn't have enough brute force to overcome Neji's 64 palms Spin rotation. The Battle would be Pointless therefore making it a draw.I think Shino . He's way too smart for NejiClose callShino's bugs would be good competition for Neji's byakugan, but shino does seem to have a darker side than Neji, or at least he does in the English dub so far. In the end, I would say that Neji's heavenly spin and gentle fist style would win out, as Neji's defenses are better than Shino's.I would say neji because he is a jounin level in shippuden and im pretty sure that shino still is a chunin.Shino Shino Shino. GO SHINO!Shino's bugs would sneek up on Neji so he wouls use bakugon and then Shino would place paper bombs to distract Neji and finally Shino would use parasetic insects justu and Neji would be beaten or Neji would figure out Shino's plan and use 64 paulm rotatoin and use 64 trigrans 100 paulms.Freaky people co.Neji could use his rotation if shino's bugs creeped up on him plus neji could just rush in and use gentle fists or 8 triangrams.neji would win because he has the byakugan and could use two fingers to get every single bug. he also has rotation.

Who would win Neji or Tien?

Tien would win. He does not use chakra for Neji to block. He uses Ki. neji would rotate all of tiens attacks even the neo tri beam and tien would be drained of energy so neji would do the 6 palms attack or whatever and tien would be dead within a sec

Is Sasuke stronger than orochimaru?

no!! sasuke is the stronger than neji he can't never defeat sasuke .. joBEN10

Who is stronger Neji or lee?

well it would be neji because he has the byakugan but lee could go 5 gates and destroy neji but if neji could poke him and blow his chakra points neji could win. i would believe it would be neji but this question is pretty confusing. the answer up there is correct. but later on in the series, Neji could defeat Lee. In Shippuden, Neji could kill Lee within minutes. And even later than that, Lee cannot even make contact with Neji. Neji is Jounin, and Lee is Chuunin. Neji will own Lee like a dog As kids, Neji might just get a win. In shippuden Neji would destroy lee.

What girl from Naruto would look Link be a good couple with?

naruto-hinata shikamaru-ino neji-tenten sasuke-sakura

Neji and Sasuke?

Will probably never talk to eachother in any part of the series, unless Neji decides to kill him which I'm sure he'll suceed at.

Who would win Sasuke or Madara?

Sasuke and Madara are both extremely powerful. However, it is most likely that Madara would win, as he is probably a bit more experienced and stronger than Sasuke. Although it would certainly be a close fight.

If garra fought neij who would win?

Well garra has good attack while neiji has good defense. but garra has a demon so garra would definitely win