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Batista tajari is not even around eny more

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โˆ™ 2008-10-28 20:45:08
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Q: Who would win out of batista and tajari?
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batista would win Batista would probs win, but Great Khali is a little bit stronger than batista, but i think batista would get the better of him bcos he has had more experiance.

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batista could take randy ortan and his group on and win

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Batista just needs to pin Edge

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You can't see me Batista! John Cena will win after interference from Bret Hart.

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Batista will not win at extreme rules. triple h is schelued to return at extreme rules and betray Batista he is in randy 's group the legacy.

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John Cena vs Batista Wrestle Mania 26.I would say John Cena, because I saw the whole elimination chamber. Batista doesn't have muscles and he uses steroids. John Cena could win in real life, but in fake WWE Batista would win

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