Will batista win at extreme rules?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Batista will not win at extreme rules. triple h is schelued to return at extreme rules and betray Batista he is in randy 's group the legacy.

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Q: Will batista win at extreme rules?
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Who will win at extream rules batista vsrandy orton?

At Extreme Rules Dave Batista won Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in a steal cage match.

Did john cena win his match at extreme rules?

No he just hurt badly by batista yes he won.

Did batista return to WWE at extreme rules 2012?

no but I did go to extreme rules 2012

Did WWE John Cena beat Batista at extreme rules?

Yes he did. John Cena defeated Batista.

Who will win at extreme rules edge or chris Jericho?

Edge will win at Extreme Rules.

Who won ay extreme rules in the steel cage match?


Did Batista get injured at Extreme Rules?

Batista just wants some time off so he can get a vacation or something.

Who won at extreme rules 2009 batista or Randy Orton?

First, why dont you go to ? and yeah Batista won!

Who won between John Cena and Batista at Extreme Rules?

John Cena was the winner.

Who won the Extreme Rules match between John Cena and Batista?

John Cena was the winner of the match.

At Extreme Rules Did Cm Punk win?


Will Jeff hardy win at extreme rules 2009?