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William Lloyd garrison

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Q: Who wrote American Slavery As It Is and why was it so effective?
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Who wrote American slavery as it is why is it so effective?

William Lloyd garrison

Who wrote American slavery as it is and why is it so effective?

William Lloyd garrison

Was the Civil War about slavery or prejudice?

The American Civil War was about the south wanting slavery and the north saying it was wrong. So... the answer to your question is... Slavery.

Who was the president when African American slavery started?

The first slave arrived in 1619 well before the revolution and the constitution, so there was no president when American slavery began.

How the American effective have their efforts been so far?

The American efforts have been so good. They have been useless.

Should law enforcement know about slavery or African American?

Yeah so they can do something about the abuse

Why did African American slavery begin?

Because some people were too lazy to do their own work and so they make an African American slave do it for them.

Abraham Lincoln was most know for?

He was most known for his opposition to slavery. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation to end it. Many people didn't like that he ended slavery, so John Wilkes Booth shot him at Ford's Theater.

Who wrote The American?

Do you mean the Star Spangle Banner? If so Francis Scot Key wrote it after he saw that the American flag was still flying over Ft. McHenry as the British shelled it.

Who wrote the play Camino Real?

Tennessee Williams was the american playwright who wrote Camino Real. It had 60 performances on Broadway so it was not considered a mainstream success.

How did William Lloyd Garrison feel about slavery.?

›Garrison spoke out eloquently and passionately against slavery and for the rights of America's black inhabitants, so therefore he felt that slavery was wrong.

Why is there so much slavery during the Industrial Revolution?

the reason for slavery in the industrial revolution is since the cotton gin was invented, the demand for cotton increased. Slave/Plantation owners needed their slaves to work harder so they could make their profit