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Yes planters supported slavery. They did so because slaves were free labor and they needed them to work the fields.

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Q: Did planters support slavery
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How did issues of states' rights and slavery increase tension between the north and south?

Northern workers opposed slavery; southern planters support it

Why would planters support slavery?

Because it was easier to have slaves work the fields then to hire people or do it themselves.

What did southern planters believe would weaken the system of slavery?

Southern planters believed that if slaves learned to read, it would weaken the system of slavery.

Why did many yeoman farmers feel resentment toward rich planters yet still support the institution of slavery?

Yeoman farmers resented rich planters because they wielded significant economic and political power. However, they still supported slavery because they believed it was essential for maintaining the social and economic hierarchy that benefited them as white landowners. Slavery provided them with a cheap labor source and allowed them to compete economically with the planters.

Southern planters believed that the system of slavery would be weakened by?

Southern planters believed that the system of slavery would be weakened by abolitionist movements, slave rebellions, and economic factors such as declining profitability of slave labor.

What did southern think when a abolitionist wanted to end slavery?

the Southern planters thought that slavery shouldn't be ended for they needed the slaves for their crops

What did Southern planters think when abolitionistse William Lioyd Garrison called for an end to slavery?


Why did planters want poor whites to believe in slavery?

So that the poor whites could have slaves get thangs for them

Where did slavery start in the Americas?

Originally in the South as a source for farming, income, and other necessities for planters and farmers.

How did Virginia tobacco planters fill their need for field workers?

enslaved African workers

What did the white planters in the South sometimes oppose Baptist preaching?

Many slaves were Baptists, and a lot of Baptist preachers spoke out against slavery. The white planters needed those slaves to work for them, so often times the planters were opposed to Baptist preaching.

What did southern planters think when abolitionist like William Lloyd garrison called for an end to slavery?

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