Rudyard Kipling

Who wrote I learned about women from her?


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Kipling's poem "the Ladies"


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1st AnswerNuns2nd AnswerI think we have some reason to believe that most learned women of the Middle Ages were not nuns. If you look at the lists of medieval women authors, I believe you will find that about half were writing secular literature in the vernacular. I would expect nuns to write mostly religious or medical works in Latin.But the lists of authors are not complete, and there are many more women authors to be found among those who wrote poems and set them to music, such as the trobairitz, and these were all, or nearly all, secular writers. How many of them were learned is another matter.please see the links below.

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Noticing that you wrote homonym's' for taught, but I only have one from what I learned :)It is:Taut

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