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Who wrote Lyndon B. Johnson's 1964 convention speech?

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Frederick Gary Dutton

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Who wrote the speech to the second virginia conference?

This is a speech to the second Virginia convention I swear

What did Franklin do in 1787?

Franklin wrote a small speech in 1787. This speech was to be read at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, but since he was feeling weak, he had James Wilson read it for him. It is known as a masterpiece.

Who was the women who wrote Ain't A I Women?

"Aint I A Woman" was a speech given by a slave Sojourner Truth, at the Women's Convention in Ohio in 1851.

Who wrote Obama's inauguration speech?

Obama wrote his speech.

Which man wrote the Declaration of Independence's was not at the constitutional convention?

which man wrote the declaration of independence's was not at the constitutional convention

How would you use the word podium in a sentence?

Bill wrote a speech to give his fellow editors at their yearly convention. As he approached the podium, he hoped his speech would be well-received...he was an editor after-all, not a writer.

Who wrote Obama's 2008 convention acceptance speech?

According to Jay Newton-Small, Barack Obama writes most of his own speeches. In a Time magazine article on the 2008 Convention speech (see link below), Newton-Small wrote that Obama's drafts "were then circulated to a close group of advisers, including (strategist David) Axelrod and Obama's speechwriter Jon Favreau".

Who wrote the unofficial Notes of the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison... also he never missed a Convention and wrote detailed notes.

Who wrote the gettyburg address speech?

Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg speech and he spoke the speech on June 1, 1865.

Who is EM Tiffany?

E.M. Tiffany wrote the FFA Creed. The FFA Creed was adopted at the 3rd National Convention of the FFA, and it was revised at the 38th Convention an the 63rd Convention.wrote the ffa creed

Who wrote the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison

Who is responsible for freedom of speech?

The people who wrote the constitution also wrote the bill of rights, which includes the freedom of speech.

How do you write opening speech?

you can say ''i wrote this speech because...................''

Who was the president of the convention that wrote the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson.

Who wrote the original Medicare bill?

Wilbur Mills wrote the original Medicare & Medicaid bills under the guidance of Lyndon Johnson.

What part of speech you the word wrote?

Wrote is a past tense verb.

What did James Madison do at the convention?

James Madison wrote the Constitution.

Who wrote the declaration of sentiments for the seneca falls convention?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiments.

What are some speeches Bill Clinton wrote?

the ignorance speech the pepe speech amd the vine speech

Who wrote Franklin Delano Roosevelt's speech to Congress on December 8 1941?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the one who wrote his speech to Congress on December 8, 1941. This speech will be remembered as "The Day That Will Live in Infamy" speech.

Who wrote the spanish armada speech?


Who wrote Patrick Henry's famous speech?

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Who wrote george v Christmas speech?


Who wrote the dream speech?

nicholas allison

Who presided over the convention which wrote and approved the Constitution?

gearge Washington