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Allah (God) Wrote It. & Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) brought it down to us. ♥

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Who wrote Spirit of Islam?

Prophet Muhammad wrote Quran no prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not write the Quran the Quran is the speech of Allah the Quran was only revealed to prophet muhammad (pbuh)

How do the quran and sunnah work together?

The Quran is the words of Allah and sunnah follow the Quran as a path to help them to enter paradise, they read the Quran, they believe in Allah, and they believe that Allah wrote the holy Quran (which he did).

Who wrote Malayalam translation of Quran?

rolan allenabon

Who wrote the Qura'n?

Quran is the word of Allah. It is the divine revelation.

Who is the First woman who wrote an explanation to Quran?

zainabul ghazzali

Who was first woman she wrote the tafseer for quran?

zainabul ghazzali

Wuho sahabi wrote the quran?

zaid razi allah hu anhu

Name of person who firstly wrote Holy Quran with gold water?


Who wrote the heritage of Islam in the quran?

god sent messengers to earth to write it

The only lady who wrote commentary on qur'an?

kariman hamza, from Egypt, wrote fist interpretation for Holy Quran and it is published in 1998

Who wrote the kuran?

It is forbidden to ask who wrote because no one did, the Quran are Allah's words.The prophet Muhammed PBUH wrote it down but only when Allah told him what to write exactly.Allah sent angels to the prophet of what Allah wants him to write and the prophet wrote it down.The Quran was completed in almost 23 years.Remember it is Allah's words and you can't say anyone wrote it down.

Muhammad's followers wrote his prophecies and teachings into the or holy book of .?

APEX: Quran; Islam

Who wrote therjuman ul quran?

The Quran is the Word of God delivered by the Angel Jibreal to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).It is the true word of God as is proved in the following lines.Proofs and Evidences that Quran is from Allah (swt):1. Quran says it is from Allah:The revelation of the Book (Quran) is from the Lord of the worlds (21:2)

What did Muhammad do after he wrote the Quran?

prophet muhammed preached what the holy quran had he taught every muslim the truth and the scientific reason behind everything that the holy quran tells _______________________________________ Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn't write the quran by himself. Quran was revealed to the prophet by God through the angel Jibril (or Gabriel). He conveyed it to his followers who memorized it, recited it through their prayers, and wrote it down. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called people to worship the one and only one God, taught people the good Islam morals, taught them how to perform ritual worships, conveyed Quran teachings to them. Refer to questuions below.

How was the Qur'an first written?

The Quran is Allah's words. Allah s.w.t. wrote it. No man would have been able to write the Quran. Allah sent the Quran down on Prophet Mohamed p.b.u.h. Prophet Mohamed then spread the religion of Islam around. After that generation after generation practiced the religion of Islam.

What was muhammad's involvement in writing the first Quran?

Let's get this straight....No Man wrote the Quran. It is Allah's words and it has never changed. Try as you might (people have tried) to change the words but they are then discovered and Allah's wrath comes upon them. Ask anyone who's tried. The Quran was sent down on Prophet Mohammad p.b.u.h.

Who wrote the teachings of Islam?

The teachings of Islam are based on:Quran, the holy book of Quran that include the true words of God (Allah) revealed to prophet Muhammad through thr angel Gabriel (Jibril), andThe sunnah, the sayings and practices of the prophet.

What did Hindus do to the quran?

what did hindus to the quran I'll tell you the hindus burned the quran here is a picture of them burning the quran

Is the quran of Islam the same as the Muslim quran?

Muslims follow the religion of Islam. Therefore, the Quran of Islam is the Quran of the Muslims.

Where did Muhammad write the word of Allah?

Answer 1:Muhammad (peace be upon him) wrote the word of Allah in the cave of hira, where the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) got the quran revealed to him. Answer 2:Mohammad never wrote the revelation he claimed to be from Allah through Jibriel. His followers wrote it down in different materials. Later, the Caliph Uthman compiled many different writings of these revelations and chose to make a unified Quran by burning all other copies that differed from his copy. The oldest written copy of Uthman Quran now found is from about 150 years after the death of Mohammad.

What is a sentence for Quran?

The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims. He enjoys reading the Quran.

Who was ayesha in the Quran?

Ayesha is not in the quran

Why do Muslims believe that god created human beings?

BECAUSE o mighty god wrote in the quran that he has created us and there is only one god

What is the quran stand called?

A "rehal"quran stand it is one holder for quran book.

Who is Moses in the Quran?

In the Quran, Moses is a Prophet.

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