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It is "Shower the People" by James Taylor.

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What artists sing the song Shower the People You Love With Love?

James Taylor

What are the ratings and certificates for Dharma and Greg - 1997 Shower the People You Love with Love 1-3?

Dharma and Greg - 1997 Shower the People You Love with Love 1-3 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

What are the release dates for Roseanne - 1988 Shower the People You Love with Stuff 8-1?

Roseanne - 1988 Shower the People You Love with Stuff 8-1 was released on: USA: 19 September 1995

When did rizal wrote the poem to the Filipino youth?

because he love filipino people. because he love filipino people.

Who did michelangelo write love letters to?

he wrote love letters to many people, but the he mostly wrote them to Vittoria Colonna and Tommaso Dei Cavalieri.

What do you do when you have 5 kids?

Shower them with love.

What is baptist?

it is when you shower for the love of god

What is Baptists?

it is when you shower for the love of god

Who wrote the minute people fall in love they become liers?

Harlan Ellison

Who wrote marriage joins two people in the circle of its love?

Edmund O'Neill

Kohler Shower?

form_title= Kohler Shower form_header= Love showering with a Kohler shower! What size is your bathroom?*= _ [50] What is the size of your shower*= _ [50] Do you need to remove an old shower?*= () Yes () No

How do people have a shower in Antarctica?

snow bath/shower

Did king charles1st smell bad?

no but you do! did you have a shower? who ever wrote this is domd

What is a creative wedding shower gift?

Wind chimes with a poem attached that your wrote or found. Something like: As the wind blows Through these chimes May it remind you of your love and wedding day.

Who wrote the book Socrates in Love?

Kyoichi Katayama wrote the book socrates in love

Who wrote the poem In and Out of Time?

Dr. Angelou is also featured during the climactic wedding sequence, in which she recites a poem she wrote specifically for the film. "It's a love poem called 'In and Out of Time,'" says Dr. Angelou. "I wrote it since a number of young black people would have us believe that white people make love and black people just have sex. And it's not true. So I wrote about romance."

Who wrote Love for Love?

William Congreve is the Author of Love for Love.

What is the meaning of Shower me with your love?

It means watch your wallet

What did Bryce say to Sarah?

ILY! or I love you. Cj wrote this. I love him too. Sarah wrote this.

How old was riahnna when she wrote love the way you lie?

She was 11, But she not had the right people to sing this shong.

What is a great baby shower gift?

A baby shower gift that will stand out from the rest is books. Most people don't give books as baby shower gifts, and many new moms love books on parenting, teaching baby to read, and infant development the first year.

Do all people take a shower regularly?

People of any ethnicity may shower in the same manner.

Should the name of anyone contributing to the baby shower be on the invitation to my daughter's shower?

Typically, the name(s) of the hostess(es) is included on a line that reads "Given with love by [names]". If there are too many names to fit on the baby shower invitation, then you can generalize it to "Given with love by friends" or "Given with love by family".

Who wrote art of love?

Ovid wrote Ars Amatoria.

Who wrote and what are lyric to jesus i love you for your tender care jesusus i love you etc?

Bishop Walter L. Hawkins wrote it. I love that song!

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