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Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison.

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Q: Who wrote strawberry wine?
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List songs with strawberry in the title?

Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberry Fair (Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde) and the band played on Strawberry Wine

Was the song Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter in any movies or commercials?

No, there is no mention of the song "Strawberry Wine" being used in any commercials or movies.

Did leann rimes sing strawberry wine?


What wine was mentioned in 'Gone With the Wind'?

Strawberry Ripple

Which Female Country Artist sang Strawberry Wine?

The song, "Strawberry Wine" is sung by Deana Carter. There is also another artist with a song called "Strawberry Wine" but it has different words. This song is sung by Ryan Adams.

Does Tommy James and the Shondells have a song with the words strawberry wine in the lyrics?

Are you thinking of "Sweet Cherry Wine"?

Which beatle wrote strawberry fields?

John Lennon

What are the benefits of strawberry wine?

I know of no benefit but that it is the best tasting wine. Strawberry wine, when consumed in moderation, confers the same health benefits as beer, other wines, and liquor. That is, the promotion of good health, largely through improving cardiovascular health and increasing longevity.

Where can you buy Italian strawberry wine fragola?

the right name is Fragolino and you can buy it at the supermarket.

What flavors of wine coolers are made?

There are many different flavors of wine coolers available. These include raspberry, strawberry, mixed berry and many more.

Bill kaulitz's favorite wine?

Bill Kaulitz's favorite drinks are coca cola, strawberry nesquick, and pepermint tea.

Another recent artist other than dianna carter who sang strawberry wine?

nicholas degotardi