Who wrote the Jehovah Witness Bible and when?

Jehovah's Witnesses don't have their own bible. They prefer to use a translation from the Hebrew-aramic and greek scriptures that was originally writted by famous bible figures such as Moses, Paul, John and Joshua.

So in reality, the bible that Jehovah's witnesses use is the same as the ones that was written long ago, just translated in English.

But then there are different versions of the bible. New international Version does not have more complicated translation and some scripture is left out. King James Version has also removed a few things to fit the Catholic's needs.

Jehovah's Witnesses DO NOT use a version. They use a translation. A translation is different, it is from one language to the next and no change. A version is a slight deviation from the original concept.

Like playing a game. Pac-man version two, its not pac-man the original, its another game entirely, so too is the versions of the bible.

But lets say pac-man was in Spanish only. Then it would be Translated into English. Same game, different language. So too is the "New world Translation of the Holy Scriptures" Which is the translation Jehovah's Witnesses used.

When was the first copy? I did a little research. A old 1984 Translation was considered the most accurate of the time. What is the difference between this and the King James. Modern English. Now one uses 'Thou','art' and 'thine' any more. Even spell check does not recognize the words. New World translation uses 'You', 'are' and 'I'. It is easy to read.

Now who translated it is a good question. I don't know them by name, but I know they are intelligent, using computers to translate everything to another language and even making sure its accurate.