Who wrote the poem that has the words Dezibnoza had treated me thus she had laid me among the sharps of the forest returning is not possible?

The poem you refer to is called "Songs of Sorrow" by Kofi Awoonor. Kofi Awoonor (1935–2013) was born George Awoonor-Williams in Wheta, Ghana. Besides being a poet, literary critic, and professor of comparative literature, he acted as an ambassador for Ghana.

The first stanza of the poem reads:

Dzogbese Lisa has treated me thus

It has led me among the sharps of the forest

Returning is not possible

And going forward is a great difficulty

The affairs of this world are like the chameleon feces

Into which I have stepped

When I clean it cannot go.

*Note: This stanza was found online. I cannot verify whether it is accurate. I have not read this poet.