Who wrote the song containing the lyrics 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread'?

The song 'Fools Rush In' was written in 1940 by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Rube Bloom (music). There were several artists who sang this song among:

  • Bing Crosby (1940)
  • Frank Sinatra (June/1949)
  • Ricky Nelson (Sept./1963)
  • Elvis Presley (Feb./1972)
  • Esther Phillips with Beck (1976)
  • Bow Wow Wow on soundtrack of Marie Antoinette (2006)

MEANING OF THE SONG: It means that the man has thrown caution to the wind and the charming love of his life will probably take his bank roll and everything else that goes with it. When we fall in love we always don't see the signs of danger and if we should see the odd sign, or someone else warns us of this person we generally don't listen anyway.