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The song was written by Bob Marley and performed by the band 'Bob Marley and the Wailers'. This album was released on 15th December 1975. The song is actually "I shot the sheriff" and is based on a claim by a man who accepted of killing a local sheriff but claims that he was falsely accused of killing the Deputy sheriff.

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Who wrote the song 'I Shot the Sheriff'?

Bob Dylan

Who shot the shereiff?

In the song 'I shot the sheriff', Bob Marley states that he was the one who shot the sheriff.

Did the song you shot the sheriff reach the top of the billboard charts?

Yes it did! In 2001, You Shot The Sheriff reached the #1 song on the charts!

When was I Shot the Sheriff - Warren G song - created?

I Shot the Sheriff - Warren G song - was created in 1996.

Did 10cc sing you shot the sheriff?

"I Shot The Sheriff" was a Bob Marley song, covered by Eric Clapton.

Who sang the original song i shot the sheriff?

"I Shot the Sheriff" is a song written by Bob Marley, the song was first released on The Wailers, album Burnin.

Did 10cc record you shot the sheriff?

There has never been a song called "You Shot the Sheriff". "I Shot the Sheriff" has been recorded by many artists including Bob Marley, but not 10cc.

What is the meaning of the you Shot the Sheriff Lyrics?

In the song I Shot the Sheriff, the narrator shoots the local Sheriff in self defense. He's also accused of shooting the deputy, which he didn't do. The theme of the song is justice.

What is the song called about a sheriff getting shot down and dying?

I shot the sheriff - Eric Clapton Knockin' on heaven's door - Bob Dylan Maybe in the first song the sheriff doesn't die, not sure.

Who sang the song I shot the sheriff?

Eric Clapton

Who shot the sheriff in bob marleys song?

nobody did

Did Bob Dylan write i shot the sheriff?

Bob Marley wrote the song for an album he recorded with the Wailers. Eric Clapton later covered and popularized the song. Bob Dylan has never recorded a version of this song.

What 1974 Clapton song was?

I shot the sheriff willie and the hand jive

What was Bob Marley's top song?

Probably his best known song would be "I shot the Sheriff"

Where can one find the lyrics of the original song 'I Shot The Sheriff'?

One can find the lyrics of the song 'I Shot The Sheriff' on the SongFacts website. One can also find the song lyrics from sites like Metro Lyrics, Song Meanings and many more.

What song titles have the word shot in them?

One Shot by JLS Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar Who Shot the Sheriff - Eric Clapton

Did the song I shot the sheriff reach the top of the billboard charts?

Yes, in 1974

Did Bon Jovi sing a version of you shot the sheriff?

No, they have never covered that song

Who shot the sheriff?

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy.

In the song 'I Shot the Sheriff' who shot the deputy?

The line from the song is, 'I shot the sheriff, but I did'nt shoot no deputy' This line is repeated in the song, so no-one shot the deputy. Not so! Clearly somebody shot the deputy. It wasn't Bob or Eric, and I know I didn't do it so that narrows it down a bit. If you didn't shoot the deputy then add yourself as NOT GUILTY. Eventually we'll catch the culprit.

Who is the composer of 'I Shot the Sheriff'?

'I Shot the Sheriff' was written by Bob Marley.

What was the number one Billboard song on September 17 1974?

"I shot the Sheriff" Eric Clapton

What was the number one billboard song on September 13 1974?

I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton

What was the number one billboard song on September 8 1974?

"I Shot the Sheriff", Eric Clapton

Why did Bob Marley shoot the sheriff?

Because the Sheriff was aiming his way.. so he shot ,he shot, he shot him dowwwn=)