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Who wrote these questions?

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Questions posted on WikiAnswers are written by ordinary people all across the world.

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WikiAnswers visitors ask questions. You wrote this one! :-)

Who asks questionsWIkiAnswers visitors ask questions. You wrote this one! :-) well idk i am looking 4 more ways 2 write, but thx whoever wrote this question : ) and thx 4 trying, i still cant write any :(

yes he wrote the preamble anymore questions?????????? (>'_')><('_'<)

it normally happens on all of the questions but if it doesn't. the reason is you have to sign in so they know who the person who wrote it is its a secririty thing :]

To answer questions, especially stupid ones like the one you just wrote. Numbskull.

The person who wrote how to steal a dog is Barbara O'Connor. Please go to my profile and ask any questions. Hoped it helped! Enjoy your day.

He wrote and edited the (Voyage of the BEAGLE). SEE OTHER RELATED QUESTIONS.

yes it is made of stones you dunderheads out there if you wrote this questions you are dumb

it could get your mind thinking about test questions, even if the questions aren't even the kind on the test your about to take.

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Dave Roen, aka "super" Dave. Any more questions?

It would appear that someone with all the grammatical prowess of a Nigerian scammer wrote these questions.

I wrote this alt and I've separated the questions so I'd like to trash it. Thanks.

Here's what he said, "I was also a big fan of the Muppets and when I was eleven years-old I wrote Jim Henson a letter. He was a very nice man. To answer your questions."

If the two questions are nearly identical, either recommend a merge, or ask a Supervisor to merge the questions for you. If the questions are not the same, but have the same answer, it is alright to copy and paste an answer as long as you wrote it. Don't take credit for an answer that you did not write.

I, the elf that wrote The Forest Emerald. Not Santa's Elf. But, Eragon series elf. The one who wrote the answer to What is the name of the language of the elves in The Forest Emerald. Stop asking dumb questions. -Silver Shadowslayer

He wrote new Latin and Gtreek editions of the New Testament, which raised questions which led to the Reformation.

no Obama did not cheat on his wife Michelle .. that's a stupid questions who ever wrote this needs to do somehing with their life

You need to say what you mean by 'best' if you hope to get an answer. Questions like this are so vague as to be unanswerable.

There are several questions that a reporter would want to ask J. K Rowling. They would ask why she wrote Harry Potter and if she has more Harry adventures planned.

Sometimes questions are so poorly worded, a supervisor can only make a wild guess at to what the asker had in mind when they wrote it. Otherwise, it could possibly be a trashed question. Someone begging for goods or services might find the question trashed into 'Inappropriate Subject Matter' - Wikianswers is not a place to beg people for things.

William Shakespeare wrote more than four comedies and tragedies. See the related questions below.

I was a writer with Terry on a game show called "The Crosswits". He also wrote for "Name That Tune"