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Whom did the nez perce trade with?

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The Shahaptin or Nez Perce people were a powerful Plateau tribe residing in many small bands on the borders of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Fur traders frequently travelled in the area, so there were many opportunities to trade for cloth, metal weapons and other goods, glass beads, ribbon, guns, mirrors and many other items.

The Nez Perce were closely related to the Wanapums, Cayuses, Umatillas, Palouses, Klickitats, Yakimas and Walla Wallas, with whom they traded for furs and horses - particularly the much prized Appaloosas which were used for warfare.

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What are facts about the nez perce?

Nez Perce means pierced nose

Who won the war against nez perce and shoshone?

nez perce

When was Nez Perce Idaho established?

Nez Perce Idaho was established in 1864.

Did Nez Perce travel?

The Nez Perce were nomadic, so yes they did travel.

How were the Nez perce treated?

what type of clothing do the nez perce people most wear

Where is the nez perce located?

the Nez Perce tribe is located in modern day Idaho.

What is nez perce known for?


What does the Nez Perce tribe grow?

Nez Perce tribe grew corn and crops.

Who won the nez perce war against Nez Perce and USA?

united state

When did Nez Perce War happen?

Nez Perce War happened in 1877-06.

What did the nez perce trade?

shells, beads, buffalo robes, dried meat, etc.

When did the Nez Perce live?

The Nez Perce lived in what is now the Northwest of the US at the time the earliest European explorers got there. The Nez Perce are still alive today.

When did Nez Perce in Yellowstone Park happen?

Nez Perce in Yellowstone Park happened in 1877.

Nez perce clothing?

Nez Perce Indian women wore deer hide dresses

Who was the Nez Perce Leader?

Joseph the Indian Chief was the Nez Perce leader.

When was Nez Perce National Forest created?

Nez Perce National Forest was created in 1908.

What tools do the nez perce have?

Actually this has nothing to do with this but the nez perce was the first tribe to use horses and the nez perce original name is nimiipu they got the name nez perce by the french explorters.and also because they had seashells as pearcings...weird.any ways peace out!

Who was the leader of Nez Perce tribe in 1877?

Chief Joseph was the leader of the Nez Perce tribe in 1877

What did the Nez Perce Tribe eat on?

For the Nez Perce diet, they mostly ate salmon, roots, and berries.

What do nez perce Indians live in?

The nez perce indians live in long houses!

What were the nez perce boys responsible for?

the nez perce boy where responsible for hunting and for fishing also for singing.

What is the nez perce?

Nez Perce people are Native American people. They live in the Pacific Northwest region.

What is the population of Nez Perce County Idaho?

As of the 2000 Census, the population of Nez Perce County Idaho is, 37,410.

What was a weapon that Nez Perce Indians used?

The Nez Perce used atlatals, which were a kind of spear hurling device.

When was Nez Perce National Historic Trail created?

Nez Perce National Historic Trail was created in 1986.