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Catholics worship one God, in three divine persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is called the "Blessed Trinity". Catholics do not worship anything else. It can be said that Catholics worship the Eucharist, but this is believed to the the real, physical Body of Christ, a person of the Trinity, and therefore in union with the Father.


AnswerCatholics worship only God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. AnswerThe Catholic Church form of worship is the Mass. The Mass consists of prayers, Bible readings, receiving communion and a sermon in which the day's biblical text is applied to every day life. They worship the Christian God whom they believe is the one true God, pay homage to Jesus Christ, devotion to his mother, Mary, and commemorate their saints throughout the year. Catholics pray for the dead and observe many rituals concerning baptism of infants, confirmation, marriage, penance, burial rights, etc. Do note that Catholics do not "Worship" the virgin Marry, nor any other person in Heaven besides the one and only God. When we pray to the angels and the saints, especially the Virgin Marry, we pray for them to also pray for us because we believe that the holier you are, the stronger the prayer request is, the more people praying for the same thing, the more likely it will happen as long as it can fit with God's will, and when the Virgin Marry prays about something, she being the mother of Jesus, would have God more likely to listen to her out of all the saints and the humans on earth.
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Whom do Catholics often worship?

Catholics worship (latria) only God.

Why do Catholics worship the Guadalupe virgen?

Catholics do not worship the Virgin of Guadalupe. Catholics worship God alone.

Where do Irish Catholics worship?

They worship God in churches as do all Catholics.

Why do Catholics worship on wafers?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics do not worship on wafers.

What or who do Catholics worship?

We worship God.

What do Roman Catholics worship?

Catholics worship only the Blessed Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Where do you worship?

Catholics worship in a church. Jews worship in a synagogue. Buddhists worship in temple.

Do Catholics worship?


For whom was the Vatican built?

It was built by Catholics for Catholics.

Are Catholics committing idolatry?

No, Catholics do not commit idolatry. Catholics worship only God.

What type of building do Catholics worship in?

They worship in a Catholic Church.

Where do Roman Catholics worship?

a church is the main place of worship

The Catholic place of worship?

Catholics worship in a church or a chapel.

Do Catholics really worship images?

No. Catholics worship God alone. Catholics are the only Christian religion founded by God, Himself - all the others were founded by men - thus Catholics follow the Ten Commandments, and the worship of images is strictly forbidden by the First Commandment.

Why do Roman Catholics worship on Sunday?

Catholics worship every day. Sunday is the Catholic Sabbath. This is because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday and this is the basis of the Catholic faith. So Sunday is the main day of worship for Catholics.

What are Catholic places of worship?

Catholics in general worship in Catholic churches.

Who or what do the Catholics worship?

We worship God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Who does Catholic people worship first?

Catholics worship God alone.

Why do Catholics worship idols that are against the Bible?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics do NOT worship idols, what a strange idea! It is forbidden by the First Commandment.

Why do Catholics only worship one God?

Catholics worship only one God because there is only ONE GOD and he commanded us to worship Him and Him alone in the 1st commandment.

To whom Catholics believe?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics believe in Our Blessed Savior.

Where are places Catholics worship?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics worship God in spirit and truth, in other words, anywhere and everywhere; but they particularly worship him in Church, which can be a Cathedral, a shrine, an oratory, a chapel, or a parish church.

Who do Catholics worship besides God?

Catholic AnswerThat depends entirely on how you are defining "worship." If you are using the word "worship" as most protestants in the English speaking world currently use the word, you are referring to the adoration that is due to God alone. In that sense of the word, Catholics worship God, and only God. As He is the only Divine Being, our Creator, and Eternal, He is the only thing worthy of Adoration. Catholics call this latria. So to answer your question, in that sense of the English word, worship, Catholics worship nothing besides God.

What do Catholics do in church?

They worship the Lord God Almighty.

What day the catholics worship?

Sunday, the day of sabbath.