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Q: Whose on the halfdollar
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What is the value of a 1968 Franklin halfdollar?

There is no such thing as a 1968 Franklin halfdollar. But there is a John F. Kennedy half dollar from 1968.

President on a halfdollar?

John F. Kennedy is the president on the half-dollar.

How much is a kennedy dollar worth?

There's no such coin. Please turn the coin over and look at the denomination on the back. JFK is on the halfdollar.

What is the value of a 2007 Kennedy silver dollar?

If you check the back you'll find that you have a halfdollar. There has never been a US-issued Kennedy silver dollar.

Mentally estimate cost of following prices 1.85 .98 3.49 9.78and6.18 rounding off the items nearest halfdollar your estimate of total cost?

It's $22.50.

How many integers between 300 and 500 have the sum of their digits equal to A?

There are 3 whose sum is 45 whose sum is 57 whose sum is 69 whose sum is 711 whose sum is 813 whose sum is 915 whose sum is 1017 whose sum is 1119 whose sum is 1219 whose sum is 1317 whose sum is 1415 whose sum is 1513 whose sum is 1611 whose sum is 179 whose sum is 187 whose sum is 195 whose sum is 203 whose sum is 211 whose sum is 22.

Whose in a sentence?

Whose paper is this (?)

How do you use whose in a sentence?

example: "Whose is this?"

Is tigerstar related to feathertail?

Yes, because Tigerstar's son is Brambleclaw, who's mate is Squirrelflight, whose dad was Firestar, whose sister is Princess, whose son is Cloudtail, whose mate is Brightheart, whose brother is Brackenfur, whose mate was Sorreltail, whose dad was Whitestorm, whose mom was Snowfur, whose sister was Bluestar, whose mate was Oakheart, whose brother was Crookedstar, whose daughter was Silverstream, whose daughter was Feathetail. THE END.

Do you put apostrophe is whose's?

No because "whose's" is not a word recognized in the English language. It is either used as "whose" or "whose is".

How do you start a speech with the name of Allah?

In the name of Almighty Allah whose Bounties are Unbounded, Whose Mercy is Unlimited, Whose Blessings are Uncountable, Whose Provisions are Un-ending, Whose Benevolence is Everlasting, Whose Being is Eternal, Whose Love is our Life, Whose Worship is our Iman.

What is the value of a 1963 US Silver dollar?

No US dollar coins were struck in 1963, look at the coin again and post new questionIf your coin has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front, turn it over and check the denomination. It should be a halfdollar.

Sentence for whose?

A sentence with whose in it? Whose lunch box is at the lost and found?

How do you use who vs whose in a sentence?

Whose is possessive, who is not. ex. Who did that? Whose rollerskates are these?

What are the examples of whose in sentence?

One example of whose in a sentence is: Whose candy is this? Whose motorcycle is this is another example of the word in a sentence.

What are the twenty Hispanic countries and their capitals?

There are 20 countries and a sovereign state that have the Spanish as its official language, and those are: Mexico, whose capital is Mexico City; Spain, whose capital is Madrid; Argentina, whose capital is Buenos Aires; Bolivia, whose capital is La Paz; Chile, whose capital is Santiago; Colombia, whose capital is Bogota; Costa Rica, whose capital is San Jose; Cuba, whose capital is La Habana; Dominican Republic, whose capital is Santo Domingo; Ecuador, whose capital is Quito; El Salvador, whose capital is San Salvador; Guatemala, whose capital is Guatemala City; Equatorial Guinea, whose capital is Malabo; Honduras, whose capital is Tegucigalpa; Mexico, whose capital is Mexico City, Nicaragua, whose capital is Managua; Panama, whose capital is Panama City; Paraguay, whose capital is Asuncion; Peru, whose capital is Lima, Uruguay, whose capital is Montevideo; Venezuela, whose capital is Caracas and Puerto Rico, whose capital is San Juan.

How would you use whose in a sentence?

I don't know whose question it was. Did you see whose car that was?

What is a unit vector?

It is a vector whose magnitude is 1.It is a vector whose magnitude is 1.It is a vector whose magnitude is 1.It is a vector whose magnitude is 1.

What do you mean about Whose this?

The question 'Whose this?' is not correct.Using the interrogative pronoun 'whose' requires a verb:'Whose is this?'Using the pronoun contraction for 'who is' requires an apostrophe: 'Who's this?'

What is the meaning of whose?

Whose means of asking someone of whom it belong or who knows any information in which an apostrophe has to occur. Example: 'Whose is this keyring?' 'Whose relatives had a poodle?' ====================================== 'Whose' is the possessive form of the pronoun 'who.'

Who is birthday is in January or Whose birthday is in January?


Two numbers whose sum is 58 and whose diffrence is 16?

The two numbers whose sum is 58 and whose difference is 16 are 21 and 37.

Which states border Nebraska and what are their capitals?

* Colorado whose Capital is Denver. * Kansas whose Capital is Topeka. * Missouri whose Capital is Jefferson City. * Iowa whose Capital is Des Moines. * South Dakota whose Capital is Pierre. * Wyoming whose Capital is Cheyenne.

What are two numbers whose difference is 152 and whose product is a minimum?

-76 and 76 whose product is -5776.

Whose pencil is this or whose is this pencil of?

What pencil... be more specififc.