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Q: Whose responsibility is it to fight for those who are being exploited by someone or something more powerful?
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The importance of accepting responsibility?

The importance of accepting responsibility means to accept what you did. Say if someone did something wrong, it is their responsibility to tell the teachers what they did...

What is a omission?

Something that has been left out of has been neglected. When someone has been given a responsibility and has failed in that responsibility. It is neglecting to do something; leaving out or passing over something. God will judge us on our omission to keep the commandments.

What does it mean if you dream you can taste the blood of someone you killed?

The taste of blood in this dream is a powerful metaphor representing your feelings of guilt and responsibility.

What is a noun for responsibility?

The word 'responsibility' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for the state or job of being in charge of someone or something; the person or thing that you are in charge of; the blame for something that has happened; a word for a thing.

Use inducement in a sentence?

The meaning of inducement is a bribe or something that persuades someone to do something. A financial inducement is a powerful tool in the work environment.

What is the Copyright Act meant to protect against?

"The tragedy of the commons." The expectation is that if someone owns something, it will be taken good care of, but if everyone can use it, it will be exploited to the extent that it loses its value.

The responsibility for impeaching someone lies with?

The responsibility for impeaching someone lies with the Hourse of Representatives. The responsibility for trying the offense lies with the Senate.

Should you reconcile with someone who will not accept responsibility?

No. Be with someone who is mature and takes responsibility someone who will help you to become a better person.

What is another word for capable?

another word for capable is powerful, in charging and knows what something or someone is okay doing.

Duty vs responsibility?

A duty is a job that a person must complete in the job. A responsibility is something that the person is responsible for; they can assign the job to someone else but they must make sure the job is completed.

What does the word faulted mean?

A minor offense or misdeed or responsibility for a mistake. Culpability

Word that means avoids responsibility?

Someone who avoids responsibility is a shirker.

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