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Q: Why did the French Choose to Befriend Native People?
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Why do most people speak french in Canada?

Most people in Canada speak English as their native language. Only 22% speak French as a native language.

How many people speak French in Italy?

As of 2013, about 39,000 people living in Italy are native speakers of French.

How did the french relationship with native Americans help them in their conflicts with the british?

the french were happy to trade with the native Americans, and they don't just go on the native Americans land unlike what the british people do.

Are people of Corsica who speak native Corsican not French?

They are French, Corsica is part of France.

How did the french relationship between the native Americans help then with the british conflicts?

the french were happy to trade with the native Americans, and they don't just go on the native Americans land unlike what the british people do.

How many native speakers of French are there?

There are 76 million native speakers of French. There are an estimated 274 million total French speakers (native speakers plus second language speakers).

What is the percentage of people who speak french in Monaco?

The native language of Monaco is French and nearly all inhabitants speak it.

What percentage of people in gabon speak french?

80% of Gabonese people are French speakers, but a far smaller percentage are native French speakers. Most people in Gabon speak French as a second language.

Can people befriend tigers?

People cannot befriend tigers because they are wild animals and they will attack you. They are not domestic and they are not friendly. Unless you train them to be friendly and maybe you can befriend them at that point. Baby tigers can be befriended because they are babies and they don't know what they are doing.

How do you befriend people on dynasty warriors 6 empires?

you save them during a mercenary mission and they may decide to befriend you

What percentage of people in Switzerland speak french as their first language?

About 20% speak French as their native language.

Why is French the native tongue of Canada?

It isn't. French is the native tongue for many people in Quebec and New Brunswick as well as small pockets in Alberta, but the majority of Canadians speak English.

What does french word laissez-faire mean?

let the people do as they choose

Do people speak French in Chicago?

No they speak English with an American accent, unless they are native French speakers living in Chicago.

What was the effect of french trappers adopting Native American ways?

french trappers married native American women and then France built strong allainces with native American groups like the alogonquins and the Huron people hope this helps (:

How do you befriend people on FarmVille?

Just become neighbours with them :)

What is the total percentage of people that speak French in Canada 2014?

As of 2014, about 22.3% of the population of Canada speak French as their native language.

Who were the first people in North Dakota?

Native Americans followed in the 1730s by French Canadians.

What languages are spoken in Annecy?

People in Annecy, France, speak French as their native language.

How were the French and English different in their attitudes toward native peoples in the Americas?

The French were more set on finding a water route through America to Asia that enslaving the Native people, although the French did hunt for beaver furs with the help and strategy of the American Indians. Unlike the English, The French actually made the Natives their business partners by making friends and living with the Huron people.

Why did they choose the Statue of Liberty?

They didn't. The statue of Liberty was a present from France. French people like liberty.

How can a website befriend people for example Selena Gomez?


What does the native Americans name mean?

It means that they are the original people of America, just as there is a native French or Norwegian people. They evolved in America, & they can't trace their roots to any other place.

How many people speak french in north America?

It is the fourth "Most Spoken" language in the U.S. Plus, Canada's second main language is French, and the French language dominates Quebec, being a place for French immigrants to choose. In Mexico, not a lot of people speak French.

Are people from Haiti black?

people from haiti are actually ancestors of the French who occupied the island in colonial times and black and native slaves. so yes most of are african/french descent.