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Q: Why didnโ€™t people move out of the slums?
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Related questions

Why didn't people move people move out of the slums?

they didn't make enough money?

Why didnt people move out of the slums?

Generally speaking, those who can afford to, do so as soon as they can.Slums are generally places where there is great poverty.The people who live in them cannot afford to move out. Property prices are too high for them elsewhere, and the property owners who own the slums don't have an incentive to improve their property as the rents are so low.They didn't had enough money People did not move out of the slums because property prices were much higher elsewhere.

Why do people move to the slums?

So they can get jobs

Why people didn't move out of the slums?

They didn't make enough money

Why are slums made?

Slums were made as living situations for people who did not have a lot of money. These slums are not well kept because the people do not have the money to keep it up.

What are people who live in slums called?

People who live in slums are sometimes called poor or undesirable.

What did chief Joseph do?

he tried to move his people to Canada but didnt succed

Why didn't people move out slums?

Lack of money was the most pervasive reason for living in slums. Immigrants who did not know English would congregate in slums because they had relatives there or they felt more comfortable with people came from the same area. People in cities did not welcome blacks and poor immigrants to higher class neighborhoods. There was pressure or even ordinances to prevent realtors from renting or selling housing to people who looked different , so it was difficult for blacks and immigrants to move to better housing. Bankers were not eager to make home loans to such people which made it hard for them to buy a house. In order to move out of a slum, one must have money saved, a dependable income and be able to overcome any discrimination.

Why do people live in slums?

They live there because they cannot afford to live elsewhere, or because social divisions keep them from being able to move somewhere nicer.

Use slums in a sentence?

There are a lot of slums in Washington D.C. slums are people who live in cardboard boxes or under highways

What are slums?

Slums are city neighborhoods with poorly maintained buildings, usually occupied by people of lower economic status.

How many homeless people are there in the Philippines?

Many people are homeless or live in the slums in the Philippines. It is estimated that 40% or over 32 million people are either home or live in the slums.

What are facts about slums?

many slums are dirty and inhabited by poor people that cant afford or are forced by social divisisons

How are people in slums treated?

Well, by slums I assume you mean Indian slums commonly seen in those adverts made to tug at your heart strings. First of all, you have to understand the different groups of people who may come into contact with the slums. The first being residents. Residents there may treat each other relatively fine, unless divided by political, religious or Gang violence. So it differs depending on the circumstance. The second group of people would be middle class people. I'm sure they'd avoid the slums if possible, but if they did have to go into the slums for some unknown reason, I doubt they'd look too favourable on the conditions and people. But again, it depends entirely on how liberal the individuals is and their understanding to the situation of people living in slums.

Did Sargon move from south to north to conquer Sumer?

no he didnt

How were the slums of Mumbai?

Slums in Mumbai are very shabby, filthy and they are ever growing. It shows how the conditions are of the people who are trying to survive in this city.

What are the causes of slums in Egypt?

The causes of slums in Egypt is really quite sad. These people suffer from poverty, drugs, and unstable work environments.

How many people live in slums in India?

half of them

How many people in Kenya live in slums?


How many people live in slums?

2 billion

How many people live in the mumbai slums?


What is the population of people living in slums in Honduras?


Where do people come from to live in slums?

drugys and africa

How many people live in the kibera slums?

From the 2009 census, about 170,000 people.

What life is like in Kenya slums?

it was awful but it was what they had to deal with cause there was nothing they could do about where they lived. even though their husbands were out there working their butts of, they still didn't have enough money to move into a differrent place so they lived in slums