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A regular tessellation is a tessellation which uses regular polygons to cover a surface completely

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Q: Why do they put elastomeric rubber stoppers on the vials before starting the lyophilization process?
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Why do wine bottles use cork stoppers?

Wine bottles use Corks/Stoppers, to maintain the freshness of the wine as well as keeping it air tight for a proper aging process. Because, of how they are made, they can be compressed and expand with the neck of the bottle. Making it easier to 'cork' different sized bottle necks.

What are the steps in fermentation?

fermentation process mainly divided into 3 steps 1)Upstream 2)Fermentation 3)Down stream in up stream- strain selection, isolation,preservation, media preparation, innoculum preparation in down stream process- filtration, cell distruption,protein purification, lyophilization and paking

Why putting stoppers in the test tube be dangerous?

If the tube being heated does contain something, then the heating process could cause a change of state of that material in an explosive manner

Incas well known invention?

Quote from the Related Link: "The basic process of freeze-drying food was known to the ancient Peruvian Incas of the Andes. Freeze-drying, or lyophilization, is the sublimation/removal of water content from frozen food." See the Related Link.

What is the process of starting a restarting your computer?

Booting is starting and rebooting is restarting.

Can you restart a process from task manager?

Only by ending the process and starting it again.

What is the process of starting an engine known as?


What is the starting point of the in inquiry process?

A question.

What is the starting point for the inquiry process?

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What is the dos boot process?

starting the computer

Is lyophilization a sterilization process?

yesOnly If the process is followed by standards and protocol.The lyophilization process generally includes the following steps:Dissolving the drug and excipients in a suitable solvent, generally water for injection (WFI).Sterilizing the bulk solution by passing it through a 0.22 micron bacteria-retentive filter.Filling into individual sterile containers and partially stoppering the containers under aseptic conditions.Transporting the partially stoppered containers to the lyophilizer and loading into the chamber under aseptic conditions.Freezing the solution by placing the partially stoppered containers on cooled shelves in a freeze-drying chamber or pre-freezing in another chamber.Applying a vacuum to the chamber and heating the shelves in order to evaporate the water from the frozen state.Complete stoppering of the vials usually by hydraulic or screw rod stoppering mechanisms installed in the lyophilizers.Source.. FDAlink

Which or the following is the starting point for the inquiry process?

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