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Beacuse it is the way of life that is why we do it and now enjoy

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Q: Why do we have to study sociology in public administration?
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Why study sociology as public administration student?

public administration works among people.peoples are the part of if you want to study public administration you have to know sociology

What are the relevance of Sociology to Public Administration?

sociology make us to understand group dynamics , which is very helpful in public administration.

Why do you need to study public administration?

why the need to study public administration

Approaches to study of public administration?

what is the legal approach to the study of public administration

The relationship between public administration and sociology?

Sociology is the study of group life which includes important topics such as gender, crime, family patterns, race and ethnicity. Public administration is a consequence of social life and examines how to manage and implement changes needed in these areas.

Why you need to study public administration here in the Philippines?

i need to study public administration because i am a public official

Why do you have to study Public Administration?

The study of Public Administration is useful for individuals interested in working in government. Public Administration studies include learning how to manage public funds and resources.

Why do you study Public Administration?


The need to study sociology as a business administration student?

Aswer with practical examples

Where can one study for a Master of Public Administration degree?

A person can study for a Master of Public Administration at various Institutions. One of these is called Capella and it is one better choices for a Master of Public Administration degree.

Why do you study comparative public administration?

I study comparative public administration in order for me know the differences between the old system of administration and the new systme of administration and to examin the advantages and disadvanteges of the two systems

Classical approach to the study of public administration?


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