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Q: Why do you think the flame sometimes separates from the tip of the burner?
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What is orange flame in Bunsen burner also called?

You think probable to the luminous flame.

What holds a small solid in a Bunsen burner flame?

Tongs I think

How is the flame in the total combustion burner differ from the flame atomic absorption?

i dont know , am looking for the same answer. but i think the difference is the flame colour. hendrina shipanga.

What allow the flame to be at a suitable height for burning in Bunsen burner?

I think the amount of gas released makes sure the flame isn't too much.

What is on the top of a barrel of a Bunsen burner?

as far as i know on top of the barrel is the flame. i think that's right

How do you get hottest Bunsen burner flame?

The flame of a Bunsen burner can potentially reach up to 1100-1200 degrees Celsius. On the bottom of the burner there is a ring which open and closes the way of oxygen from air to the gas. When the ring is open the oxygen flows to the gas and the flame becomes blue ( this is hotter flame :) if you close the ring the burning will be without oxygen and the flame will by yellow-red ( this one is cooler ). So the temp. of the Bunsen burner depends on the ring. If i remember correcty the tip of the blue flame is the hottest ( i think but not sure 1600 degrees Celsius).

What is the function of the airhole in the Bunsen burner?

I would think that it would be to feed oxygen (O2) to the flame allowing it to burn. I would think that it would be to feed oxygen (O2) to the flame allowing it to burn.

On a Bunsen burner which flame produces a sooty carbon black deposit on whatever it heats?

I Believe It Is The Roaring But I Am Not Sure. When We Put A Test Tube Into The Roaring Flame, I Think It Turns That Part Black. It May Be The Medium Flame.

What causes the Bunsen burner flame to be noisy?

There are actually two flames that appear one is yellow & other is blue. And the blue flame makes more noise than the yellow.I think it is the sound of air rushing through the vents to get to the flame. The reason you get the yellow flame is that the gas is not burning completely. It is when you open up the vents that the flame is adjusted to blue.

What does a busen burner burn?

I think it burns gas.

How do you adjust the Bunsen burner so that only colored light is observed?

I think you mean "get rid off the white smokey flame". Open the air aperture at the bottom to admit more oxygen usually by turning a small collar.

What is the flame call when the air hole is not fully open?

You think probable to a diffusion flame.

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