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it helps people know what places are like and things like that. it helps to know what the world is like if you want to travel

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Q: Why is geography important to ecologists?
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Why is classification important for ecologists?


Why geography important?

It is important because geography is a study of earth's surface. Without geography you can't know about earth' surface

Why is geography so important?

geography is destiny

The study of how humans affect the landscape and its resources is an important part of?

environmental geography.

Where do ecologists work?

Ecologists are responsible for studying relationships of environments and groups. Ecologists can work in lab, museums, and in the wild.

What is the difference between the essential elements of geography and the themes of geography?

Essential elements are those which are important to make something and themes are naturally present in every thing so those important things that makes geography they are essential elements of geography and the the background present naturally in the geography is called themes of geography.

Why re the rivers of europe an important aspect of its geography?

The rivers of europe are an important aspect of its geography because it plays an important role in the movement of ideas.

What is a sentence using the word geography?

Before going on a hike it is important to understand the geography of the region you are going to. Studying geography is important to the understanding of climates and biomes.

When was Alternative Ecologists created?

Alternative Ecologists was created in 1989.

When was Ecologists in Action created?

Ecologists in Action was created in 1998.

When was Ecologists Greece created?

Ecologists Greece was created in 1988.

Name four important features of the geography of Greece?

names greece geography

Use the word physical geography in a sentence?

It is important to study and learn about geography.

Why is geography important to the development of a civilization or region?

geography does mean it location too

What studies animals and the way they interact with their environment?

Ecologists. Behavioral ecologists.

Why is a physical geography important to the study of geography?

Physical geography is the way the earth is 'set out', hills etc., geography in general is study of the earth so they do link :)

Why is human geography so important?

Human geography is important, because without it we would not know anything about our populations, where people came from.

Why is geography important to the world?

The 'world' is not a conscious and therefore can and does not rank things as important or unimportant. However, the people living on the world want to to navigate its surface and as a knowledge of Geography will facilitate them in doing this, people regard Geography as important.

What is the importance of geography in tourism?

Geography is very important for tourism because it determines its destination.

When was Ecologists Without Borders created?

Ecologists Without Borders was created in 2009.

Why where ptolemy's contributions to geography so important?

Ptolemy's influence on early geography was equally important.

Why the map is important in geography?

cas it is

Why is the globe important to those who are studying geography?

because the one you are studying is a smart and geography is very important because if we don't have a earth were cannot live

What does place have to do with geography?

place is a important thing for geography because if we dones't know where the place that we have to go.

Why would geography be important to include in the curriculum for young children?

Geography is important to include in the the curriculum for young children so that they understand where they live. Children need to understand geography in order to understand where resources and trade come from.