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geography does mean it location too

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Q: Why is geography important to the development of a civilization or region?
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How did the geography of the Mediterranean region influence the development of civilization?

By having everything necessary to sustain large numbers of people like a good climate and fertile soil, so many people began to live there in an organised way/ civilization.

What features of the physical geography of the northeast made this region well-suited to industrial and technological development?


How did the geography of the chesapeake region affect its economic development?

The region is surrounded by water so it became a port region. Its economy grew from ship ports.

Which region of the middle east is correctly linked with a historical development?

Anatolian Pennisula---center of Persian civilization

How did geography of Italian peninsula influence the development of the Roman Empire?

the location of the peninsula contributed to roman control of the mediterranean region.

What is the geography term for region?

World Geography

What is a sentence using the word geography?

Studying geography helps us understand the physical features, climate, and human interactions of different regions around the world.

How did geography affect development of latin America?

The geography of Latin America, with its varied landscapes and climates, has influenced the development of the region in numerous ways. The presence of the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Rainforest, and other natural features shaped settlement patterns, trade routes, and economic activities. These geographic factors have also influenced the cultural diversity and biodiversity of the region.

What is the importance of development region?

there are 5 development region in nepal. to develop the country smoothly,efficiently and utillize the natural resources properly the division of the country into the development region is very important. if the country will be divided into the development regions there will be the equal development and the power will be distributed equally in the every parts of the country. there will be the facilities in the every parts of the country.

Why is the mediterranean sea important to the europeans?

The Mediterranean Sea is known for being an important historic trade and a strong factor in the development of the region around it.

What is background of region?

The background of a region refers to its history, culture, geography, and other relevant factors that have shaped its identity and development over time. Understanding the background of a region can provide valuable insights into its current situation, challenges, and opportunities.

Why do we consider writing the most important sumerian invention?

The Ubaid are considered the first agents of civilization in the region.