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Q: Why is Hoover often listed as one of the worst presidents of US?
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Which three presidents from 1850 to 1860 are considered to be among the worst in American history?

Between 1850 and 1860, the three presidents considered to be among the worst in American history were Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan. Buchanan is often considered the worst of all.

Why is Herbert Hoover one of the worst presidents?

I find it odd that you judge Hoover to be one of the worst presidents and do not know why you hold that opinion but think someone else may be able to tell you.Hoover came into office at a bad time. The stock market crashed soon after he took office and the country was thrown into a great depression. He may not have acted quickly enough to improve the economy but in his day the government did not try to control the economy in the way it does now. After two years he had a hostile House and lacked a majority in the Senate so he could not do much.

What was McKinley's worst decision as president?

Everything he was the worst president of all time and herbert hoover rules!

Are partisan politics at an all time high?

It often seems that way. Partisan politics is an American art form. Lincoln, Jackson, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman and Clinton were US Presidents that all served at times when mudslinging reached new highs (or lows). In 1994 the Republican's "Contract with America" seemed to bring out the worst in confrontational politics.

Who was worst US Presidents?

Most historians consider James Buchanan as the worst.

Who were the worst presidents of the United States of America?


Who were the 10 worst US presidents?

Herbert Hoover, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, and George W. Bush

Is Thomas Jefferson one of the worst presidents?

Just the opposite, actually.

Who is the worst president of the first eight presidents?

John Quincy Adams

Do you like Warren Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

Who was the worst US president?

There are actually rankings of the best and worst US presidents done by political scientists and historians as well as popular opinion. Historically, the worst presidents were the few just before the Civil War and those before the Great Depression. See the related link below for the Wikipedia article.

Do you like Warren G. Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

Do you like Warren G. Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

Who are the greatest and worst presidents?

There is no scientific way to measure the quality of presidents. Historians and newspapers come up with ranking from time to time. Politics always seems to play a big role in the rankings, especially when it comes to judging recent presidents. Moral values and personality may come into play. Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson are almost always given high marks. Both Roosevelts, Wilson and Jackson were considered to be strong presidents and get high marks if you like what they did. Pierce, Buchanan and Harding are found near the bottom on most lists. Both of the Adamses , Hoover, Carter, Ford, and George H. W. Bush were voted out of office by the people and so must have lacked something. Not too surprisingly, recent presidents are often loved by some and hated by others.

What Family is responsible for the 3 worst US Presidents?

The Bush Family - George H W Bush, George W Bush, Franklin Pierce. The three Absolute worst presidents to date in American History.

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The Sumatran species is in the worst ecological position and is listed as critically endangered, while the Bornean species is listed as an endangered species.

Is it worse case or worst case?

worst case- often hyphenated- the Oil disaster was a Worst-Case scenario in the Gulf area!

Who is the worst baseball player of all time?

The worst baseball player of all time probably does not play professional baseball. Bill Bergen is listed among the worst professional baseball players of all time.

For people between the age of 25-49 who would you rate as the best three presidents since William McKinley and the worst three and Why?

Franklin roosevelt john Kennedy bill Clinton worse Nixon hoover George w. bush

Sceen as George W. Bush is obviously the antichrist why can't most people see it?

Good question. Many people think BOTH presidents were the 2 worst presidents in American history.

Franklin D Roosevelt won in a landslide because Herbert Hoover failed to understand the?

Franklin D Roosevelt won in a landslide because Herbert Hoover failed to understand the feeling of the general population. Hoover had a tendency to listen to insiders and the wealthy. He was doing nothing to allay the fear of the general populace mired in the worst of Depressions.

Why is Warren G. Harding considered to be one of the worst US presidents ever?

There were scandals and Harring did almost nothing as president.

Worst presidents ranked worst to best?

There are some published lists and they vary according to the criteria used. Buchanan generally seems to be considered the worst along with Harding and Andrew Johnson. Lincoln gets the top spot with Washington and Franklin Roosevelt vying for second and third.

Was Richard Nixon the worst president?

Different people will have different opinions. My opinion is that Richard Nixon was not the worst US President. He was caught in a scandal, but he also did some good for the country. We have definitely had worse presidents than him.

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