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Q: Why should you be useful about using Wikipedia as a credible source?
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What is a credible website?

A credible website is a site that displays true, accurate and useful information.

Why is Wikipedia such a cool website?

It has some useful information about historical events, people and places. However, as Wikipedia is purely based on what someone else has wrote, the source cannot be verified 100%.

When should you make a bibliography card for a source?

The first time you find a piece of useful information from a source

What is better WikiAnswers or Wikipedia?

Both are useful. Wikipedia is useful if you know what subject to look for. Wikinswers is useful if you have a question and don't know where to look for an answer. Many answers on WikiAnswers refer to Wikipedia pages.

How is farming useful?

Go to wikipedia

What are the source of relevant benchmarking data?

It depends very much on the field of study. On the Internet your first resorts should be google and its variants, including, You may also find useful sources in wikipedia.

Why is static electricity not useful as a power source?

Why is static electricity not useful as a power source

Where can one learn about a XML-RPC?

The first place to get information on this topic is at Wordpress. Wikipedia also has information on the subject and the site "XMLRPC" is another useful source.

Where can I find information on Phlebology online?

The American College of Phlebology at is the definitive source. Wikipedia also has a useful article on the topic with links to other professional organizations.

Why is Wikipedia useful?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that offers information on almost any notable topic/subject you can think of. Due to the fact that almost anyone can edit Wikipedia, new information is added everyday and Wikipedia is expanded by voluntary users. Because of this, Wikipedia is a very large source of information that contains over 1 million articles that anyone can read.

In order to determine the phenotype of a dog what should you do?

look it up on wikipedia. teachers hate it, but it's ridiculously useful and generally accurate.

How can protists be useful?

One of the protists that can be useful is seaweed. It can be useful because you can use it as a food source.

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