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Q: Why would these geographic features make sea trade?
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Why would geographic features make sea trade more popular than land trade?


Why would these geographic features make sea trade more popular than overland trade?

A vast network of rivers and canals connected different parts of China.

What two geographic features make the location of Rome favorable?

Rivers and hills are the geographic features that make Rome favorable. These features were essential to Rome's growth as an empire.

Why would geographic features make sea trade more popular than overland trade?

it was a lot easier to go trhu the mediterranean to get from italy to.... lets say egypt than going overland. also theres a lot of mountains in central europe, boats would be a easier way to trade than crossing alps and apenines.

Why would these geograghic features make sea trade more popular than overland trade?

because of yhur moms retards!!

What geographic features make India a subcontinent of Asia?

himalayan mountains

What are some physical geographic features of Yosemite?

glaciers mountains and forestry make a few physical features of Yosemite

What are the major geographical features of Greece?

Greece is made up of many geographical features. The main geographic features are islands, mountains, and, of course, oceans. Greece is also one big peninsula. The ancient Greeks relied a lot on the water, for travel, trade, and resources. Traveling on land was difficult, so they learned to make boats and sail.

What geographic factors make Russia so hard to defeat?

One of the geographic features that makes Russia hard to defeat is the Ural Mountains which are separating Russia from Siberia.

What make a continent different from state?

A continent is a physical geographic feature, defined as a separate landmass. A state is a politically established entity that does not necessarily follow geographic features.

How does geographic features influence where people live?

Geographical features greatly influence where people live. People tend not to want to live right next to an active volcano, on top of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere (in a desert or forest), etc. Beautiful geographic features, such as a river, grasslands, lake, etc. will attract people and will make it more appealing for someone to want to live there, for example.

What geographic features make up Europe boundaries?

Large rivers such as Volga and Danube, and some mountain ranges like the Alps make up many borders in Europe.

What are the geographic features in the Appalachian region in Canada?

Ridge and valley, Great valley, and the Appalachian Plateau make up the physiographic provinces of the Appalachian Mountains

What features of a new refrigerator would make it 'retro'?

There are several features of a new refrigerator that would make it retro. These features include shiny chrome trim, pastel colors, and rounded edges.

What are the geographic features of Taiwan?

go ask yo mama and get off off wikianswers they make up information and if you got a problem call 214-787-4111

What geographic features helped civilization develop in mesopotamia?

the tigrus and Eurphates river make a good natural reasourse for fishing and reeds make boats plus the monthly flood made good soil for farming.

What geographic features helped civilizations developed in Mesopotamia?

the tigrus and Eurphates river make a good natural reasourse for fishing and reeds make boats plus the monthly flood made good soil for farming.

How did china's geographic features make governance difficult?

Throughout China's pre-modern history, and even continuing into the modern era to some extent, various geographic features made central governance difficult. For one thing, China is a vast geographic space. For another thing, it is crisscrossed by high mountain ranges and also large rivers which, for much of Chinese history, were prone to unexpected flooding, all of which combined to deter centralized political administration of the country.

Make a sentence with the word geographic?

geographic is the measurements on earth

How did Ancient Greece Make Money?

the would trade

How did the mayans make their money?

they would use trade

Why would language and coins make trade easier for the muslims?

So they would have easier communication with each other and the Trading wouldn't be so hard to trade.

Geographic question, How are places similar or different?

The physical and human characteristics of a place make it unique. Physical characteristics include the natural environment, such as landforms, elevation, water features, climate, soil, natural vegetation, and animal life. ... Geographers can also use place to compare and contrast different locations. From national geographic society

What geographic and economic features can influence where people choose to live?

People would want to live on prosperous farmland or a sprawling urban area in order to make a better living, rather than alone in the middle of a desert, where they can't truly make a living. This is saying that people will live in areas that have positive economic consequences rather than negative ones.

How would a drop in trade make an empire less strong?

it would be weakened economically