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Could it be the display has been set to Celsius?

The Owners Manual has the instructions on switching the display to read Fahrenheit

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Your outside temperature display in your 2003 altima is reading wrong where is the outside temperature sensor located?

The outside temperature sensor on a 2003 Altima is located just behind the front bumper. it is on the passenger side of the vehicle in the undercarriage.

Outside temp gauge is wrong buick regal?

If the outside temperature gauge is not reading the right temperature on a Buick Regal, perhaps it has become damaged. It can also not read the right temperature if it is wet or covered with dirt or snow.

Is there a problem in the car if the outside temperature rising up to 54 degree Celsius?

Generally speaking the outside air temperature sensor it only used for the dashboard display. There may well be a temp sensor for the fuel-injection system, but it is generally not the same one as used by the display. So while there is a fault if it is reading incorrectly, the fault is no more serious than if the clock was giving the wrong time.

If you replaced the thermostat in your 95 3.8L Windstar and it is still overheating what is wrong?

Could be the head gasket. Very common problem with this engine and model year Windstar.

Speedometer gives a wrong reading for Yukon XL 2003?

Speedometer gives a wrong reading for Yukon XL 2003?

2004 trailblazer speedometer is reading wrong passes 120mph?

2004 Chevy trailblazer is reading wrong passed 120mph

When you crank your car the temperature hand goes straight to the red mark and the car is cold Can someone please tell you What is wrong?

Most cars do that in order to cancel out the last reading so that is can adjust for accurate measurement of the new reading.

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2001 ford windstar is cranking but wont start what is wrong?

i think it may be the fuel pump; what do you think?

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Because I is is completely wrong. To conjugate the verb to be: I am, Thou art, He is, We are, You are, They are. Therefore it should be I am reading. reading very good is also wrong. It should be reading very well. The correct sentence is: I am reading this map very well.

What does 95 windstar airbag code 75 mean?

pass. side air bag has short or repaired wrong

Ford Windstar shifts down at speed?

ndstar just hardly moved from a stop to go & then it was ok what is wrong

What is the boiling temperature for saltwater?

I have been doing some experiments, and the boiling temperature of saltwater appears to be around 110* and 111* (degrees) Celsius. I may be wrong, but this is pretty close, I hope.--From the kid scientist of Montana--Hope this helps whoever is reading this! :)

What you will do if you unsure Of blood pressure reading?

I do my own blood pressure and temperature every day and if i get a reading that i think is wrong i do it again, if it is still the same i go to my doctor or phone the health services if i am worried about it, or there are sites online that will explain what your blood pressure should be, hope this helps.

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If a 1996 Ford Windstar ECT gauge stays below cold all the time and the sensor works fine but circuit continuity test fails should the temperature gauge or circuit wire be replaced or what is wrong?

More than Likely its a coroded connector at the sensor.

How much would it cost to fix the manifold on a 2003 Ford Windstar?

Need to know if it is the intake manifold or an exhaust manifold and what is wrong with it.

When the cruise control goes out of a 2002 ford windstar what do you replace?

That depends what is wrong with it. The first thing to check would be the brake switch.

My watch is reading the wrong temperature because of my body heat and i was wondering if there is any way to compinsate for this without taking it off for 15 minutes?

Put a folded peice of paper towel underneath the watch.

Why is life not possible other planets?

Temperature wrong, atmosphere wrong, not enough water.

My a/c runs continuously. Temperature is set at 72. Room temp is 83. What could be wrong ?

My air-conditioner runs continuously. Temperature is set at 72. Room temperature is 83. What could be wrong?

Is reading books a reason of having glasses?

Books may be the reason if you attempt to read in a wrong way like reading in dark places, reading in a moving vehicle, reading while laying down.

What controls the idle on a 1999 ford windstar?

The computer does - there is no way to adjust it. If it is improper something is wrong with one of the sensors - that is the most likely problem.

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