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Q: Why America became a world power after the end of the war?
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Who emerged a superpowers at the end of world war 2?

After WWII Both the united states and russia became superpowers.

What is the Anglo America world power?

It is not so much Anglo American as American. Before the second world war, the British Empire was the dominant world power. However the British expended so much of their resources defending freedom in World War 2 that by the end of it they were no longer in that position. The economic might of America grew and was opposed by the other political philosophy, Communism in the USSR. The cold war began and Britain (Anglo) declined even further, leaving America and Russia as the two super powers. However, the beliefs and values of the people of Britain (and much of the remains of the British empire) are very similar to those of America and President Reagan and the British Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher managed negotiate the end of communism which proved in the end to be a failed philosophy. This friendship and endeavor means that there is a 'special' relationship between the peoples of Britain and The United States - we support each other on the world stage. This is the Anglo American alliance. However, the developing countries and the peoples of Africa are soon going to make their mark on the direction the world goes, both Britain and America are to some extend a spent force.

Did FD Roosevelt survive World War 2?

No, he did not. Truman became President and authorized the use of the atomic bomb to end the war with Japan.

What happened to axis leaders as world war 2 became to an end?

Most committed suicide and the rest were tried as war criminals and some were hung

Which best explains why the relationship between the US and china improved toward the end of the twentieth century?

Possibly because the USA had helped Defeat the Japanese in the second world war so therefore China felt like it had to serve a duty to America.

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Why is world war2 important in american history?

Before WW2 America was an economic power but not a military one, when America got engaged they buffed up their military A LOT, by the end of the war America lead an economic and military power, they became the arsenel of democracy

The US became the sole world super power following?

the end of the Cold War.

When did the French and Indian War end?

1763 with the treaty of parisEngland became the dominant power in North America

Will the volcano in America end the world?

No it will not end the world.

The concept of war crimes in international law?

became established at the end of World War II

Will super power America end?

Someday it may.

Who was more powerful at the end of World War 2 Russia or the US?

After world war two the US became known as a power country so the US was way more powerful.

What nation became the greatest world power at the end of the Seven Years War?

Well for starters, i dont understand this. Secondly i dont think anybody will :P

What was the first country to end absolute power?

America i think

What was the effect of the Spanish-American War?

Cuba gained Independence. Spain lost its New World Empire. The US was regarded as a World Power.

What are the significant hitorical events of each year from the year 1800 to the year 1899?

1898 - Spanish American War 1899 - End of S.A.W. America proves its power against world power.

What is harmonia's power?

end the world