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Why Ares p2p is working only late at nights?


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October 13, 2009 2:44AM

It usually depends on the connection. Less people try to connect at night therefore there is less traffic and it is faster to connect. I don't know the technical terms but I'm sure that is what it is.

And here is something extra,

I still dont know how to solve the problem with vista but for XP my method works sometimes...

Ok, If yours is not connecting first try this: Run Ares and go onto its Control Panel. Then go to Network tab and un/check (try both) "My Computer is behind a firewall...." then press Test Connection. If it says test passes it should connect it like 3 sec.
If not try the next method. ~(Method found online)

First find someone who has Ares working fine. Go to that person's Program Files and copy all of their Ares folders onto a USB drive (except for what they have downloaded). If they have the installer, great, just try to install that on your pc. If not, install Ares and drag all the folders from the USB to your Program Files Ares folder. Most of the files that should be replaced are the .dll and .exe files but it would be better just to replace everything you can. ~(My Method)

When you do that restart your computer and run ares again. If it does not connect in 3 minutes, perform the first method again. If it does not work at all, sorry that's all I can figure out.

As of 10/12/09 I have tried this on 4 computers, 3 that would not conncet at all and one that had problems connecting sometimes and three have worked great. Only one of the ones that would not conncect wouldn't work.

I have read that there are constant updates for ares so if the methods above do not work keep looking for the new update every two weeks or so. Good luck and best wishes.