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It is not banned in the USA but should be. It is banned in 100 other countries. Imagine large beverage companies who claim to sell hydration drinks who add oil to their drinks.

Brominated vegetable oil is rightly banned in many countries because of the known side effects of bromine on human beings.

Bromine is a halogen and displaces iodine, which can depress thyroid function, as well as known side effects such as: depression, memory loss, hallucinations, violent tendencies, psychosis, seizures, cerebral atrophy, acute irritability, tremors, ataxia, confusion, loss of peripheral vision, slurred speech, stupor, tendon reflex changes, photophobia due to enlarged pupils, extensor plantar responses, fatigue, lethargy, loss of muscle coordination, and headache.

In animal testing, BVO consumption has caused damage to the heart and kidneys in addition to increasing fat deposits in these organs, as well as testicular damage and stunted growth.

Definitely doesn't sound like something I'd like in my soda.

The problem with both these is the studies that have been done on this additive. Bromine only causes side effects when you take supplements that are mainly Bromine. Not when it is included as part of an additive that is barely put into drinks. Something else to think about, BVO is banned in other countries, but not Bromine, why not because it is used in almost everything. Bromine is very useful. In order to get to dangerous levels of consumption I (all 200 lbs of me), would have to drink over 3,600 ounces of MT. Dew for more than a month to have the possibility of Bromine affecting me.

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BVO is brominated vegetable oil. It is a synthetic chemical that is created when vegetable oil is bonded to the element bromine. Because bromine is heavy, it acts as an emulsifier and keeps the oil in water-based solutions from separating and floating to the top. Foods that contain BVOs are: some citrus flavored soft drinks like Mountain Dew, Squirt, Fresca, and Fanta, sports drinks like Powerade, and some pre-mixed cocktails. To read more about BVOs visit

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