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Why Chemistry is important to our life?


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August 12, 2010 5:22PM
  • Chemistry in daily life follows ua as we bathe, cook and wash.
  • When we bathe we use soap made out of vegetable oil and some chemicals.
  • Neem oil contains certain antibacterial chemical and so neem soap is good protecting us from bacteria, and itches.
  • Glycerine soap keeps our skin smooth and blemishles.
  • We also have medicated soaps prescribed by the doctors for skin infections.
  • Next comes cooking:- Chemistry in daily life plays a very important role here.
  • The grains such as rice and wheat contain starch which is a long chain of hydrocarbons.These carbohydrates help the children t
  • to grow.
  • Next pulses supply proteins, Green leafy vegetables give us the necessary iron to supply the blood
  • The iodised salt is a necessary intake. It prevents a disease called goitre.
  • The vegetables also contain chemicals for cooling the body. Vitamins are supplied by them.
  • Vincarosea is a chemical found in a certain flower. It is a good cure for blood diseases and it is antipoison
  • Onion and garlic contain certain chemical properties that purifies the blood.
  • Safron is antibacterial. That is why we add it in our food preparation.
  • Ginger contains certain oil that gets rid of the extra air in our system
  • Sarpagandhi Rawolfia Serpentina is a root. It reduces blood pressure,It is a remedy for blood cancer and asthma. It also cures skin cancer and mental diseases.
  • Now let us see how chemicals in daily life in used in washing purpose.Washing soda is a chemicals which cleans up our daily clothes effectively.Bleaching powder is also used for cleaning purpose. It is antobacterial. Even drinking water stored for the city is cleaned up with bleaching powder before it reaches the city.
  • Hospitals ahd health centres use a lot of chemicals in medicine form to treat sickness.