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Reagen Democrats and women put her over the top in Pennsylvania.

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Did Hillary Clinton win in the 2008 elections?

Without a doubt, yes; Hillary Clinton won the election of 2008.

How many electoral votes did Hillary Clinton get from Pennsylvania?

Hillary Clinton received 0 of 20 electoral votes, receiving 2,926,441 votes to Donald Trump's 2,970,733 votes, losing Pennsylvania.

How many votes did Hillary Clinton get from Pennsylvania?

Hillary Clinton received 2,926,441 votes to Donald Trump's 2,970,733 votes, losing Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes.

Where did Hillary Clinton live?

Where did hillary clinton live did hillary clinton have any acomplishments

Who won 2016 Hawaii election?

Hillary Clinton won the Hawaii 2016 election. Hawaii cast its 3 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton and 1 electoral vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election.

What is Hillary Clinton interested in?

Hillary Clinton is from Chicago Illlinois

Where is Hillary Clinton from?

Hillary Clinton origin is in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is beter Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton

When did Hillary Clinton die and where?

Hillary Clinton is still alive.

Is Hillary Clinton a Republican or Democrat?

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat.

How many times in the past has Hillary Clinton been elected president and not won the popular vote?

Hillary Clinton has never been elected president. She apparently won the popular vote in the recent 2016 presidential election.

Will Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama be the Democratic nominee in the 2008 election?

Barack Obama won the seat of the Presidency in 2008. He chose Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State, which she accepted.

How many delegates does Hillary Clinton have?

how many delegates does hillary clinton have

What religion does Hillary Clinton practice?

Hillary Clinton does not believe in religion.

What is the position of Hillary Clinton?

Currently, Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton is the secretary of?

Hillary Clinton is the U.S. Secretary of State.

What is the designation of Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is a man with the occupation of a lumberjack

Who won the election Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Donald Trump won the election on November 8, 2016.

Will Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton get the Democratic Presidential nomination?

Barack already won

How many delegates did Hillary Clinton win in Iowa?

Hillary Clinton did not get any electoral college delegates in the 2016 election. Donald Trump won Iowa's 6 electoral votes in the 2016 election. The popular vote count was Donald Trump 800,983 and Hillary Clinton 653,669.

Is Hillary Rodam Clinton Jewish?

Hillary Rodam Clinton is not Jewish. Mrs. Clinton is a United Methodist.

Who won Maryland electoral votes?

Maryland cast its 10 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The popular vote count was Hillary Clinton 1,677,928 and Donald Trump 943,169.

Hillary Clinton place of birht?

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Was Hillary Clinton ever a Republican?

Hillary Clinton was a "Goldwater Republican" when she was young.

What is the sexual orientation of Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Hillary Rodham Clinton heterosexual. She is married to Bill Clinton and has a daughter. Hillary Rodham Clinton did not believe in gay marriage until 2013, but she is now a strong supporter of LGBT rights.No, Hillary Clinton is not gay.

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