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Q: Why Hindu believe many gods?
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Related questions

What do Hindu people believe in?

They believe in many gods

What does it take to be Hindu?

You have to be a devotee to Hinduism to be a Hindu and believe in the gods that they believe in.

Do Hindus believe in worship of many gods?

There are about 33 million gods in the Hindu religion.

How many god are in Hindu mythology?

many people cannot believe it but there are 340,000,000-360,000,000 gods in Hindu mythology.

What are the gods that the Hindu people believe in?

Some believe in certain gods, some believe in other gods, some believe in no gods, some believe in all the gods.

Why are Buddhist beliefs different from Hindu beliefs?

Because in Hinduism they believe in many gods and Buddhism doesn't believe in any gods.

What gods do the Hindu 's people believe in?

Some believe in certain gods, some believe in other gods, some believe in all the gods, some believe in no gods.

What do Hindu's beleve in?

Hindu's believe in thousands of gods like Vishnu

How do Hindus and Christians view the gods or God differently?

The Hindu gods are Ganesha Vishnu. The Christian god is God and Jesus (the only god) . Hindu's believe they have many different gods. Christians believe there is only 1 God, which = The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit .

Who's religion has the most gods?

I believe that is probably the Hindu relgion. There are literally millions of gods in the Hindu faith, so many that no Hindu could possibly be able to identify all of the gods. As I understand it, each family even has their own patron god. further Hinduism is known as a polytheistic reigion, because it has many gods.

Do Hindu's believe in a god?

Hindus don't believe in a god in the monotheistic sense. Rather they believe in a large group of gods with vast powers but quasi human thoughts and motivations.The Hindu people accept the existence of many, many gods. Each god in their religion serves a different role in nature.

Did the mayans believe in only one god or more gods?

They believe in loads of gods, their beliefs are almost simular to the hindu religion :)

How many Hindu Gods are there within Hinduism?

Most Hindus believe that there is one supreme god called Brahman. Depending on one's beliefs, Krishna or Vishnu and Shiva may also be considered gods. There are also many that believe there are 330 million gods in the Hindu religion with each representing a different power or emotion.

What do Hindu's believe to be source and final destination of everything?

they believe that the gods are the final destination to everything.

How many gods HINDU's have?

more then 30.

What is the term used to define the one who doesnot believe gods of Hindu religion?

There is probably no specific term for those who disbelieve only in Hindu gods, but who knows, somebody somewhere might use such a word. The term for someone who does not believe in any god -- and so disbelieves in Hindu gods along with all other gods -- is "atheist".

What is an avatar of a Hindu god?

they believe that when gods die they come back as avartars

What are some things that Hinuism has and Buddhism doesn't?

Hindu people has their gods and goddesses while the Buddhists has their god Buddha , Buddhists believe more on what Buddha taught when he is still alive.. Hindu worships many gods and goddesses..

How can you believe that there are Hindu gods?

This question can be asked from all theists, Jews, christians, and Muslims. But it is not necessary that a Hindu should believe in Gods and Goddesses. There are philosophies in Hinduism which are atheist, for example, Samkhya and Vaisesika. Advaita also can be an atheist philosophy. I am an atheist advaitist Hindu.

Can you think of any cultures today where people worship many gods in temples or believe that a living person is a god?


Do christian believe that Hindu gods are real?

While every christian individually makes up his or her mind as to his or her beliefs, the general belief of Christianity is that there is one single God. Therefore, no, they do not believe that Hindu gods are real.

Do people still believe in sun gods?

yes people do believe sun god i as a Hindu have a lots of sun gods so do the ancient Egyptians

What Hindu's believe about Brahman?

Hindu people believed Brahman was one of the first 3 gods of the universe. He created the world........ that is what Hindu people believed.

Who worshiped many gods and goddeses?

Hindu with around 330 million gods

How many gods do Hindu relirion have?

330 million.