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Q: Why Indian tv channels destroying our culture than foreign?
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Impact of foreign channels on Indian society?

Impact of foreign channels on SRILANKA society?

How are foreign TV channels destroyintg culture in in dia?

hi i am vinamra....... acc to me....... In case of our Indian culture it is true that it does not give us much freedom to enjoy the content of all foreign channels......but it also depends upon our choice of foreign channels like if we are watching BBC than it will be benificialas ts a news channel and it will only increase our knowledge, it will NT harm our culture in any way........but if we are watching abusive or any of that kind of channels which are not seen as good in our culture than defnitely it will destroy our if any programme is encouraging upon live in relationship but it is not taken as good as in our it will hurt our culture by sure.............. these are some issues which we should see ....... so it all depends upon our mentality as to take positive points leaving the negative points behind for there culture only//....... Hello vinamra.. This explanation what you have given is also right. But the TV channels of Foreign countries are more useful than the chances of destroying our culture. Like Discovery channels there are more creative things are to be learnt by myself. I am the fan of discovery channels. And also BBC as you said, only some of the foreign channels are adultified. For instance Fashion tv nowadays goes the most wild. The government must ban such channels.

What is the advantages of culture India?

The cultures of INDIA is beautiful. INDIA have all different types of cultures. It is totally opposite to foreign culture. INDIAN cultures are even follow by visitors from foreign. This culture helped all INDIAN to live together.

What culture or cultures have invaded India?

Mostly due to the invasion of foreign powers the Indian culture has been severely effected by WESTERN CULTURE.

What is impact of western culture on Indian?

now a days youth are being spoiled by the foreign culture.......we lost patriotism.culture is being spoile.

Is western culture destroying the Indian culture?

Yes Western culture has the ability to affect Indian culture greatly, and I think most Indians will agree that Western influence has become more prominent in India in the last few decades. One of the main ways that Indian culture is influenced by the West is through media such as television shows, movies, social media, music videos and more. Because western media, especially American media, is so influential, it is hard to imagine Western influence into India slowing down anytime soon. Western culture, through media alone, has been vital in influencing the dressing styles, values, beliefs and language of Indian culture in recent years.

Is foreign culture destroying Indian culture?

Probably not. Throughout history, there have been complaints that "foreigners" or "immigrants" or, more recently, "globalization" is destroying a given culture. But India is very strong and its culture has endured despite British Colonialism and despite fighting with neighbors like Pakistan. It cannot be denied that India is affected by the cultures of other countries, since we do live in a world with fewer boundaries, and Indian youth can enjoy American or British music, watch movies from just about anywhere, etc. But what makes India unique (its religious heritage, its cuisine, its long history) cannot be erased by foreign cultures. More likely, those cultures will be incorporated into the next version of Indian society; this is very natural and all a part of a country's growth, since no country ever remains exactly the same generation after generation.

Mnc its impact on Indian culture?

impact of mnc'son Indian culture

Jahangir's contribution to Indian culture?

Jahangir's contribution to indian culture

What has the author Sarojini Chaturvedi written?

Sarojini Chaturvedi has written: 'Foreign influx and interaction with Indian culture, 6th cent. B.C.-1st cent. A.D' -- subject(s): Civilization, Foreign influences

Why has PEMRA ban Indian channels Pakistan?

because indian counterpart has blocked pakistani channels and it's reaction. also there is no dth service, which could deliever a huge number of channels besides her own.

How western culture influences Indian culturre?

There are many cultures in India and therefore every culture in India influences the Indian Culture. Thus, the Indian culture has a lot of varaities