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When you friend is keeping secrets from you it is best to confront them to get clarity

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Q: Why Is My Friend Hiding Secrets from Me?
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Signs your friend is hiding something?

It can be very difficult to tell if your friend is hiding something from you because some people can hide their feelings or secrets very well. The only thing you can do is talk to your friend and tell them you notice they have changed and you feel they are hiding something from you. Communication skills are a must in the world if you are hopeful of getting answers to your questions.

What to do when your best friend tells more secrets to another friend than me?

If you and you friend are divulging secrets, then you are not very nice people.

What can you do if your friends are hiding secrets away from you?

it might be a secret that you really dont want to find out about. but, if its serious and they still wont tell you, then threaten your relationship, if that doesn't work, then get a new friend.

Should you keep secrets from your friends?

If that friend is a true friend they will accept your secret no matter what. So if you really trust that friend and you know they trust you then you should tell them your secrets. but if its a friend that you only talk to every now and then, then it would b best not to tell them your secrets.

How do you know if a girl likes you who is already your best friend?

there is a difference with her just wanting to be a friend or wanting to be more than that if she is just a friend she just tells you some secrets and you know there is more than those secrets and she only sometimes walks with you and never holds your hand that means that she just wants to be a friend but if she tells you all her secrets and you know she is not hiding any and she always stares @ you and always walks with you and sometimes holds your hand that is how you tell if she likes you and if this does not help you than go to you tube and search ways to tell if a girl likes you trust me im a girl

How to get your 'friend' to tell you secrets?

If he/she can't trust you with their secrets, then you shouldn't trust them, but that doesnt mean you cant be their friend anymore. Hope I helped!!!!

What are facts regarding the story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

The chmber of secrets is the 2nd harry potter book. The chaber of secrets was slytherins hiding spot for his basilisk, or giant snake.

Why are girls hiding secrets from you?

beacouse there jeluice because im amazing and this is me Miley Cyrus

What is the answer for card 196 in The 39 Clues?

It is: The New World is a good placefor hiding secrets

Who can you really trust?

You can't trust just who you would like. You can trust your mother or a best friend. But do not trust your secrets more that 1 friend and that friend must be your true best friend. Think before you tell your secrets !

Whatd do you do when you told your friend somthing about her friend and then your friend told her friend?

I wouldn't be too surprised about this happening because your friend has to deal with both the committment to you and to her friend. Whether you told your friend not to tell her friend or not, just clarify that in the future you don't want secrets to be told. If that doesn't work, don't trust your friend with secrets.

Is your best friend hiding his feelings from you?

Only your best friend would know the answer to this.

What are the secrets they are hiding from everyone?

Osama bin laden DID work for the CIA look him up in Wikipedia

What is a any friend?

a friend is a person who you like and share secrets with.a friend is a person that you love spending time.

Should you trust your best friend with secrets?

Everyone holds back some secrets for one reason or another. If you know you can trust your best friend and tell them what you are about to say is confidential then tell them the lesser of any secrets you may have to test your friend's ability to keep the secret. If your friend cannot keep the secret and tells other it will be less damaging and embarrassing to you. If they can keep that secret after a couple of months then you should feel free to tell your secrets to your best friend.

What do lips sewn shut in tattoos mean?

secrets. the person is hiding something they don't wish to say

How do you know she is your real best friend?

A best friend stands by you in good and in difficult times. A best friend knows your secrets.

How do i say i want be your friend in Assamese?

the friend is important and ur life if u have a friend is can give ur secrets,problem

Does Jaden Smith have a best friend?

ummm............ everyone has someone to tell there secrets to( best friend).

How does the book secrets in the shadows end?

secrets in the shadow end as roylin bailey find out that his friend wasnt dead and went to go visit him at the nursey home and brake up with his girl friend who try to kill his friend cooper

What is a confidant?

A close friend, a person confided in or entrusted with secrets

What is friendship about you?

Friendship is about having a friend you can trust that will keep secrets.

Why should there be secrets?

I promised my friend I would not tell anyone.

How do you get my bff to stop telling my secrets?

First of all if your bff is telling your secrets then she isn't a good bff.You might get your bff to stop telling your secrets if you say to your bff "stop telling my secrets its not nice of you to do that their not secrets if you keep telling them."If your bff keeps telling your secrets then you shouldn't be her friend at all.

How can you know that your best friend is really your best friend?

if there close to you know lots about you and are willing to keep secrets