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Why Japan attacked China?

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mukden incident

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Attacked China in 1937?


What did Japan do in 1937?

they attacked china

What year did Japan attack china?

Japan attacked china in 1937 this is when they launched a fullscale attack.

Was china involved in Pearl Harbor?

No. China was not involved in Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked the United States in Pearl Harbor. China, however, had been at war with Japan for several years when Japan attacked the United States.

Is 1942 the year when japan attacked china?

No japan invaded China in the early-mid 30's

Where was the first place that Japan attacked in china?


When did Japan attack China?

Japan attacked and occupied Manchuria in 1931. Japan launched a full scale attack on China in 1937.

Why did the Japanese attack changde?

IF you mean why did Japan attack CHINA; the Japanese attacked China, because Japan is an island nation with few natural resources, and China has a lot of natural resources, so Japan attacked China to get it's resources to help the Japanese people.

What countries did Japan attack in World War 2?

japan attacked Ethiopia and china

Why did US support china against Japan?

Because japan attacked the U.S. first

How was World War 2 broke out?

Japan attacked China in the 1930's, Germany attacked Poland in 1939, then Japan attacked the US in war.

What brought china into world war 2?

japan attacked it

What happened to china during the attack from japan?

they got attacked

Who attacked on china in hiroshoma nagasaki?

Let get the facts straight. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are both cities of Japan not China. Japan did attack China but the United States attacked Japan dropping atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9 1945.

Which country did Japan attack in northeastern China?

They attacked Manchuria in 1939.

What country attacked china in 1931?

Japan , following the Mukden Incident .

WHAT WAS the first attack of World War 2?

Japan attacked China

Who was japan at war with when they attacked pearl harbor?

At that time they were at war with China, we sanctioned their supply of goods and they attacked us.

What mainland Asian countries attacked Japan in World War 2?


Why did World War 2 break out in Asia?

Japan invaded China and attacked Pearl Harbor.

What was the US reaction when japan attacked china?

FDR made the tough decision of not selling oil barrels to japan.

Why did Japan attack China?

Same reason Great Britain attacked whomever....Imperialism.

Japan attacked China and Russia to get raw materials for their economy true or false?

true, they did

What is part of allied powers attacked by japan taken over by communism after WWII?


Who attacked china during World War 2?

Japan was at war in China from 1931 until the end of WWII in 1945.