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Why New Zealand dollars are so strong?

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New Zealand economy is booming due to Immigration in the recent past. the money is just pouring in and the house prices have muliplied in the recent past. There are many international investors investing in NZ due to these factors and politically stable conditions, no epidemics. riots, calamities and no terrorism too. So when evryone wants to buy in NZ or buy NZ dollar then the dollar will naturally go up. Some believe this phenomenon not to be sustainable and fear a slow doen soon.

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If you earn American dollars do you pay tax in new zealand?

If you are a New Zealand tax resident, you are required to declare all your worldwide income and pay tax on it. So the answer is yes. If you are not a New Zealand tax resident, the answer is no. You are a New Zealand tax resident if you have spent more than half the year in New Zealand or if you have an "enduring relationship" with New Zealand. See Inland Revenue's website for more information.

Why is Wellington New Zealand so important?

because it is the capital of new zealand and it is important to new zealand

How much damage was caused in new zealand earthquake 2011?

In NZ Dollar terms, about 15 billion dollars or so.

Why do you have New Zealand?

why do you have your country? every part of known land or sea is named so therefore New Zealand is New Zealand

How do you say I am from New Zealand in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an English-speaking nation, so you would say "I'm home now."

Which is better New Zealand or Australia?

new zealand has alot of potential so it is way better

Are people New Zealanders if they are not born in New Zealand?

So long as they have been granted New Zealand Citizenship, they are New Zealanders.

What is interesting about New Zealand?

what is so interesting about new zealand is the dancing,The people there and you know the fun things there.

When will the Percy Jackson movie come out in New Zealand?

So far it is not known if it will be seen in New Zealand.

What type of adjective is New Zealand?

New Zealand is the name of a country, so it is probably a proper noun.

How do you say sweet in New Zealand?

New Zealand speaks English, so 'sweet' will be sweet in New Zealand. However, if you are asking 'how do you say sweet in Maori?', the answer is waiti.

Is McDonald's on the New Zealand stock exchange?

McDonald's Restaurants (New Zealand) Ltd is a private company, so no.

Name of the new zealand netball team?

It depends if its ANZ netball....... If so, New Zealand are the Silver Ferns.

What is the role of the RNZSPCA in New Zealand?

is to stop cruelty to animals in new zealand so that we can let them live free

Where is Zealand?

New Zealand is located at the southern hemisphere, so it's by the pacific ocean However; Zealand is a Danish island. Part of Copenhagen is on it. and ZEELAND (after which New Zealand is named) is in the Netherlands.

Is Sydney Australia the closest to New Zealand?

No. The part of Australia which is closest to New Zealand is the island state of Tasmania, so the closest Australian city to New Zealand would be Hobart.

What is the season in New Zealand in July?

Right now in New Zealand it is the middle of winter (July), so the season in the USA, it is opposite in New Zealand (e.g. Summer=Winter NZ)

How many metals has New Zealand won for 2008 Olympic games?

New zealand has won 9 so far

How much is 37.444 newzealand dollars in English money?

currently 1 New Zealand dollar = 0.5014 English Pounds So, 37.444 NZD = 18.7749 EP

Why is New Zealand not called the land down under?

The land down under can be referring to either Australia and New Zealand, or Australia or New Zealand. So New Zealand is part of the land down under.The land down under is a term referring to Australia and New Zealand because they are below the equator.

Does south east of Australia celebrate matariki?

No. Matariki is the Maori New Year, so it is celebrated in New Zealand. New Zealand is not part of Australia.

Why is rugby so important to new zealand?

Rugby is New Zealand's #1 sport. Rugby League and Union represents New Zealand in competitons such as NRL (Warriors), Four nations (New Zealand) and World cup (New Zealand). New Zealand brings back the heritage of the history at the start of every game, the haka in other words.

Does New Zealand have toads?

I don't think so.

Why does new zealand get so much rainfall?

its an island.

Why is there so many volcanoes in new zealand?

Because New Zealand is sitting on two tectonic plates which cause volcanos when the move.