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Maybe because your period could be starting soon.

Or you are pregnant

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Q: Why Period cramp but no period yet?
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Does implantation cramp feel like a period cramp?

yes it does but lighter!

Is it normal to have menstrual like cramp but not on period?

You can also cramp during ovulation.

What does it mean if i have a period with no cramps?

A cramp free period means you had no cramps, nothing more.

Why do I cramp when Im not going to get my period yet?

It could be just be a sign that you're going to get your period or it's ovarian cramps, which aren't something I fully understand but I went to the doctor and that's how it was explained to me.

If your stomac hurts does it mean your about to start your period?

The cramp in your stomach is basically an alarm that your period will come up.

Can you have cramp before period?

Yes, premenstrual cramping is common.

Why am I having cramping 1 week AFTER my period?

Its very normal to cramp after your period.. some women wont cramp.. sometimes its common but nothing to worry about it will eventually go away

Have cramp 5days but you should your period on May 5?

:) your period might just be late or you might just be pregant !

Is it normal to cramp after your period?

Yes, my wife says it can be the result of ovulation.

What happens when a muscle is cramped?

after a long period of exercise a muscle can cramp

Can you cramp with no period a day late?

of course you can then you know it is coming. <[- REAL

What would you tell some one who normally dose not cramp before or during there period but starts cramping out of the blue and has been cramping all weekend and has not started there period yet?

Go to a doctor or a hospital very quickly.

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